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Hello to all. I have been checking in here now and then and have appreciated the information disclosed. Now I have a question. Does the Konica/screw mount adapter allow use of Pentax SMC-Takumar lenses or must one stick to the earlier Pentax screw mount lenses? TIA, Paul Connet

-- Anonymous, December 29, 1998



Paul: The Takumars were all M42 screw mount and can be used on a Konica body with Konica Praktica Lens Adapter 2 AR. This true of all M42 thread lenses; Praktica, Pentax, Schneider, etc. If you are asking if Pentax K (bayonet mount)lenses can be used with this adapter - no. Be aware that this (made by Konica) adapter is to put M42 lenses on Konica bodies, not the other way around. Adapters to put Konica lenses on other bodies are possible but will not be able to focus to infinity and are only useful as close-up lenses. Hope this helps.

-- Anonymous, January 04, 1999

Lenses for M42 Pentax adapter

There is a lot of excellent discussion on the board about the Hexanon lenses. I would be interested in hearing various opinions on which are the bargain quality lenses out there today for the M42 screw mount.

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2000

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