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Since I've heard a considerable amount of concern for the elderly and disabled's ability to prepare on fixed incomes, I believe "We, the People" should demand that our government give us our Social Security funds now so that all may adequately prepare themselves for a potentially volitile and possibly dangerous future. If we did protest marches or filed into the SSA en masse we could get the recognition from the government that we are serious. And since many of our cities and states are forgoing preparations (it costs too much, we'll just wait and see what happens), we must be given our savings now so that we can prepare ourselves. Afterall, there was a tax surplus this year... they're already taking more than they should from our salaries. This may just be our chance to get the government our of our pockets and do for ourselves. Let me know what you think.

-- Caterine D'Albret (, December 29, 1998


Well, I think it's a great idea...but it will NEVER happen...for one thing, "our SS money" is NOT in a trust fund, it's being used by the govt to fund who knows what.

-- seeker_six (, December 29, 1998.

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