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With the known caveats..electronic deposits etc. of the compliance of the Social Security System, it is still good news to hear that there is really significant progress being made. Or, at least, that was my initial feeling.

We now have one polished marble to drop in the Grand Canyon. How many are left?

-- Mike Lang (, December 28, 1998


Mike I agree that it is one lone marble, but any good General will tell you that a lot of an army's ability to function is lost if morale is lost. (Hence USO shows and the such) While I think this was a over-produced announcment, we had to get SOME good news out to the "troops" (read:programmers)


-- Rick Tansun (, December 28, 1998.

And for all those new folks that may not understand the is about polishing a Grand Canyon full of marbles comparable to fixing the Y2K problem....really you maps in the esoterica would be a good thing......Fixing Y2K is like polishing the Grand Cnyond full of marbles....For those of you seeking further meat to this analogy do a search a Gary Norths articles.

-- Donna Barthuley (, December 28, 1998.

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