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I recently saw an ad for a B&J 8X10 Commercial Field Camera, supposedly in Mint- condition for $750. It is touted to have all the front and rear movements. Can anyone tell me more about these cameras?

-- Winston Chaffin (, December 28, 1998


I am not an expert on B&J cameras> there are many people who are (MidWest Photo, Lens & Repro) but my father in law had one and it was a flat bed like a Deardorf. Nice camera. I am replying because I believe that 750 is alot of money for that camera. B&J is not made anymore. what if you need parts ?? I would buckle down with the lastest copy of Shutterbug and make some calls. I recently bought an 8x10 with 3 bellows, 3 backs, extension etc for $150.00. Although this is a rare find . the point is to shop around.. If you have already bought your camera. do not feel bad> you have a nice 8x10

-- Richard Warren (, January 08, 1999.

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