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Hi, I have plenty of recent pictures of HK, but I just don't know how to send them to you. Would you please tell me in detail how to do it? If it's easy, it'll be my pleasure to contribute some to your website.Thanks. Pamela

-- Pamela Lau (, December 28, 1998



Thanks for your message. I'd be delighted to include the views of Hong Kong you have taken. To include these, they need to be scanned into JPEG (.jpg) format. The file size should be no greater than about 80k to ensure reasonably quick downloads, so the resolution needs to be about 200dpi. If you have problems with this, just scan them as best you can, save as JPEGs and e-mail them to and I'll sort out the exact formating.

Please give e-mail warning of any photos being sent so that I can ensure my e-mail inbox has enough space! It's important that you own the copyright (e.g. have taken) to all the photos. I suggest it might be an idea to start with a couple of shots so we can test everything before trying a larger number.

There'll be a bit of a delay at the moment unfortunately, probably the last week in January before I get round to updating the site.

With many thanks for your message,

Philip Broad

-- Philip Broad (, December 29, 1998.

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