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Looking for families in SW lower Mich who are preparing for y2k. We are in a small town, and would like to meet likeminded families, or we'll help with info to help families to relocate to this area. thanks The Millers

-- The Millers (, December 27, 1998


If nobody responds to this message, then look for discussion forums, bulletin boards, and/or chat rooms in your own local community. Chances are that the community newspaper, or the chamber of commerce, of perhaps a local community college has got such an Internet facility. You may have to post a somewhat more detailed message in order to get a response, but it shouldn't be too hard to do that.

Also, do some surfing to see if you can find appropriate web sites in neighboring towns, especially the ones that are a little bit bigger. Sooner or later, you'll find a town in Michigan that already has a Y2K community. That will give you something to connect to.

Sincerely, Ed Yourdon

-- Ed Yourdon (, December 27, 1998.

My gal and me are looking for property away from the city. Were also sinking a lot of bux into preparing to do without electricity, already picked up a wood stove and grain mill. Got the rice, beans, wheat and soybeans(yum) all set and are setting in the can goods andperishables now. So where abouts you at (don't tell me anymore than the county for your peace of mind). I am in Oakland County but want to move north, way north, UP north. Across the bridge (moat). Were not sure what level this thing is going to play out so we want to be far away, but the down side is that land cost bux, which means long term loan on a nice piece of property or outright buying a small not so nice piece of property. If it is a TEOTWAWKI situation then we would be sitting pretty, if it is as I believe more of a derpression mixed with a little chaos then I loose the properrty after a year cuz I will have no buzx to pay off the big loan........big quandry! What to do??? Who we are: young, christian, college educated, professionally employed, well informed people. Who we are not: militia, bigots, and we don't think the UN boogey man is out to get us. Drop us a line interested in hearing who you are and what is up.Survive1999

-- (, December 29, 1998.

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