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i know i have been a bit of an ashole recently on thes forums. i am jusf wring this to appologise. i have been dtaking s fucking large nubers of drugs and ldd and alchoel recently and christma party and stuff you know?

anywaty i will not be a dickhed any moprr.

im sorrt y.

signed jrry driscoll

-- jerry (jerry@jer.jer), December 27, 1998


ps i am not tha cthuttm guty.

-- jerry (jer@jer.jer), December 27, 1998.

Apology accepted, jerry. There are many excellent recovery programs available, such as Narcotics Annonymous (or even AA can point you in the right direction). Please keep us posted.

-- King of Spain (, December 27, 1998.

There is a solution. Many who have had to live with alcohol/drugs as their master are free people today. The solution is simple but not easy, If you are willing to go to any lengths to be free, call your local AA central office and ask where there is a meeting nearby

-- Sharon Schultz (, December 27, 1998.

Kink of Spain

Jerry is makinging a mockery of you, you fool! Are you truly so dill?

-- Dieter (, December 27, 1998.

People, people....

I drink alcohol, and have done "drugs" throughout my life, but never have I known any substance that causes one to curse-type as jerry does, or mispell words to the point they are hardly recognizable as English...Some of you are too gullible.

-- Randy (, December 28, 1998.

I don't know how much drugs have had to do with jerry's typing or attitude. If he has taken half as much as he has said, I would bet a lot. Doesn't matter, if he or anyone else has a drug or alcohol problem, they need to get into a recovery program. The attitude will change, the typing will get better, trust me.

-- King of Spain (, December 28, 1998.

Lot of inbreeding in that royalty thing. Could explain the King being a little slow on the uptake.

-- Jimmy Bagga Doughnuts (, December 28, 1998.



Sorry about yelling, but I wanted to make sure you heard me!


-- M (, December 28, 1998.

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