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Can we each contribute to a list, credible and compelling developments that may draw a larger picture for those that still DGI? Can you add a conscise "headline" type caption that shows a wake-up trend? Such as:------------------ July/98- Clinton warns of Y2k "Headache"-------- Citibank ups remediation est. cost from $825 mil. to $900 mil---------- Canada announces plans to get military ready------------ Alliant Power sends brochure to customers, advising personal preparation.-------------------- Red Cross advises preparation--------------- SEC/Power Co. reports reflect uncertainty of service------------------- Nov 98- Senator Horn gives failing grade to govt. agencies-------------- Pentagon plans table-top Y2K "war games" for June/99

-- Arthur Rambo (, December 27, 1998


There's a key point that you have to keep in mind: each DGI has his own personal reasons for not wanting to believe ... or, if you want to be more charitable, you can put it this way: each DGI has his or her own "hot button" that you have to push in order to make him/her believe Y2K in the visceral, "gut" way that we GI's do.

The problem for most of us compute geeks is that we assume the rest of the human race operates on the same kind of left-brain, logical, rational, cold-blooded way that we do. That's a bad mistake -- you can throw as many "logical" arguments as you want at these people, and they'll reject them all.

Some people will be persuaded by exactly the same argument, if it's presented in a visual form, i.e., a video tape instead of a book.

Others rely entirely on testimonials. They won't believe someone with 35 years of experience in the computer field, but if their favorite rock-and-roll singer (who wouldn't recognize a computer if he/she fell over one) says y2K is a problem, then suddenly it's legitimate. Or if it's not a rock-and-roll singer, then it's Walter Cronkite, or Oprah, or the Pope, or a baseball player.

Others have the "show-me" attitude from Missouri. You actually have to show them a convincing demonstration. They may or may not be impressed by seeing a Y2K failure in their VCR or their PC. You may have to take them down to your local NORAD command center and watch the radar screens go blank when they do a Y2K simulation. I'm sure your local National Guard will ba happy to help you out in this regard...


-- Ed Yourdon (, December 27, 1998.

Arthur, Steve Hartsman has just this very thing. See:

Simplest way to get latest PowerPoint file (or text version)

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-- Leska (, December 27, 1998.

Thanks guys.

-- Arthur Rambo (, December 27, 1998.

Steve's Powerpoint presentation is also on my Y2k site. It's at Bobbi

-- Bobbi (, December 27, 1998.

Thanks to all for responding. What I had in mind is more like a "headline" list that could be put on one piece of paper as a handout to people who might be half-aware,as a way to nudge them further. I agree, it's different strokes for different folks. I think this could be something that does'nt require a long attention span, but is'nt easy to ignore.(now we're all probably smiling)

-- Arthur Rambo (, December 27, 1998.

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