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I have a layout about 20' long which is basically two stacked loops, one over the other, at one end, and a common return loop on the other. The long stacked ovals have loops within the loops which lead back into the main track both on the lower and upper levels. Using the MRC Auto Reverse Module, where should I put the insulated gaps for the loops, and where should I place the MRC device? Can it be used for both upper and lower loop systems, or do I need to purchase one for each level. Many thanks to anyone who can answer the above. Ron

-- Ron Willetts (, December 26, 1998



I can't quite see your configuration from the description. But, I'll give some advise that may help. First off, the reversing portionsof the loops needs to be issolated. This is not always simple to see in a multi-connected track configuration. Essentially the gaps are at both ends of the reversing portion. You can use only one reversing module - provided that only one section will be occupied at a time when the short triggers the reversing action. From your description though, I think you may need a separate one at each reversing loop. The Digital CommandCOntrol - comprehensive guide- book has a very illustrative example of a reversing loop configuration that has two reversing sections and one control module - but the sample is constructed on a small layout where the controlled section is limited to one train occupancy at a time. There's seveal ways to do it and only some analysis of your track plan and the distances between the sections can guarantee the right choice. Get the handbook - its chocked full of good information on all aspects of DCC and you'll be on the right road. -ed mccamey-

-- Ed McCamey (, February 24, 1999.

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