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Husband and I went last night to see "Enemy of the State".

What a movie! We left feeling *very* paranoid and looking over our shoulders at everything. This movie really makes you stop and think. Some of the stuff they did, like the satellite tracking seems kind of farfetched but not impossible.

For an interesting web site, go see http://www.nsa.gov/

They're everywhere, they're everywhere...............

Bobbi http://www.buzzbyte.com/

-- Bobbi (bobbia@slic.com), December 25, 1998


yes,I saw that movie to.. it is a must see.. Remember the part about finding info from the FBI about Will Smiths bank records to see what was ordinary transactions??? Sounds like "Know your Customer" to me.... hmmmmm

-- rooster (logcabin@erinet.com), December 25, 1998.

Yep, it sure did stink of "Know Your Customer". What amazed me was the information that they (NSA) were able to obtain on an everyday, normal, non-famous, unknown person!

I am sure it can be and is being done right now, all the time; and not just for *international terrorism* either. Hell, I am probably on *the list*, for being vocal about my concerns.

This forum is dangerous to my health! But seriously, some of the topics here have really opened my eyes and prompted me to do my own research and learn about things that I never before even so much as thought about. I didn't like what I found out.

Now I am scared, frustrated, angry, and well....just plain bummed out about the state of my country. I really am. It makes me sick.

The government not announcing and warning the general public about Y2k really pisses me off too. It's criminal. It really is.

'Nuff said,

Bobbi (who spent 13 years active duty U.S. Navy) http://www.buzzbyte.com

-- Bobbi (bobbia@slic.com), December 25, 1998.

Bobbi -- I didn't see the movie -- but I'd like to add my $0.02 worth regarding the foundation for your paranoia. In plain English, you have reason to be.

Follow along here for a moment:

Back in the early 80's, the company that employed me was the prime vendor for computer systems to what was then Goodyear Aerospace (later known as Loral Defense Systems). Goodyear was a prime contractor on a major "intelligence" project (along with Lockheed and many others not known to me). As a part of the project (now almost 15 years old, so I don't have any qualms discussing this, as by now it's "old hat" so to speak), images were captured by satellite or high-flying aircraft, sent back to the computers for image enhancement, which were the visible for human and/or computer interpretation.

From the images, the known time of day, the known precise position of the sun, and other variables, along with sequential multiple-image inputs, computer programs could then determine to the fraction of an inch the size of the object in the frame plus (if in motion) its direction and rate of travel.

Now then, what was most astounding to me took place on a day when one of the senior project engineers took me into a room where I wasn't supposed to be. I didn't have security clearance (then nor now) to witness what was shown to me. He was very proud of what they had accomplished with our software and because we had become very close friends, wanted to show it off a bit. Sitting on the table before me were fully developed images of a pack of cigarettes as well as two cigarettes next to the pack. All objects were photographed while sitting on a picnic table. The exterior of the pack was clearly visible and could be easily read. The brand-indentifying print on the cigarettes, though fuzzy, could also be seen and interpreted.

Now this may not seem like much initially until you learn that this particular photo was taken by an earth-orbiting satellite that was hundreds of miles up. The stated purpose for the imaging system was to aid in tracking people/machines in the middle-east. They've since had ten years to improve on the optics and software.

Bobbi, I can't say conclusively that "big brother is watching", but he's got the binoculars available with which to to the job.

-- just (justanutherlurker@the.net), December 25, 1998.

Bobbi, you would die if you stopped to think a minute about what can be found out about anyone with an internet account. If we have your home email address, it is very likely your real world address is available, maps that show your home, and if you have a few pass words to the right places a credit history can be pulled up online! A friend has(had?) a home page at University of Evansville that would track your IP address and login name back to your home server, query the mail server for your real name, and be back with it by the time the entire page loaded. Came up with HI (Your Name) at the top of his startup page.

Moreover, in the age of plastic money why would any cop bother to track you by satellite? Trying to track everyone all the time is an impossible task. Just follow the VISA or MASTERCARD purchases and they know where you are. And what you are spending money on. And often who you are with (purchases at two different shops by both you and a friend). Or track the ATM usage. Close surveillance is only used for someone physically dangerous, or for information used in court or just before someone is picked up. And don't even think other countries are better - most are much worse about spying on their citizens than the USA. If the country doesn't pass some privacy laws soon, with real teeth in them, you might as well move into a goldfish bowl.

Check out a few of the recent real crime detective accounts at your library and you will begin to get the picture.

-- Paul Davis (davisp1953@yahoo.com), December 25, 1998.

Bobbi (Long Post),

Please remember the statement The Only Thing We Have To Fear, Is Fear Itself. That is part of the reason for all these movies. To create and exacerbate a feeling of paranoia and fear. That way, they control you, ONLY if you buy into that fear. Dont. Its not worth it. Its a waste of your souls growth.

When I first started posting here, all sorts of strange things were happening to my computer, threatening e-mails (one below), etc. Especially after I pointed out the CIA, et. al. is using this site as an information feed, as are others (not to mention other experiments going on).

Good, I say. I hope they learn something about acknowledging their humanity. And decide to make changes in the Y2K silence strategies, because its just common sense for all of us. A throughly prepared nation has no reason to riot or panic. In fact, I strongly suspect, our comments HAVE impacted some policy changes for the better.

So what, if they can find out anything about you? Big deal. Their actions are being leaked too. Not much CAN be kept secret anymore. Also, some wont understand what Im saying but, the energy frequency on the planet has increased to the level that, more than ever, any action, causes an opposite and equal reaction -- much faster. Witness Congress. No matter how hard the right-wing Republicans, try to pull Clinton down, they pull themselves down equally as much, if not more. But they dont get that one yet.

The same will happen with other government organizations and individuals not operating from integrity or for the highest good of all concerned. The more they try to control, then the more out of their control things will become for them. Its the Natural Laws, that theyre running up against, and will continue to bump head on into. Maybe theyll learn, eventually.

You dont even have to create an outside force to topple them. They are doing it, from within, all to themselves, as we speak. Count on it.

Meanwhile, prepare individually and in community for the upcoming uncertainties, and remember your spirit. Its your guide, guided by a more Divine one.


The following e-mail received, was anonmously sent to my private e- mail, not my public one. I post to inform, not to create fear. I dont know about you, but I found it offensive and threatening, and Im not sure who it came from. A group of nuts or a special government project?

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-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), December 25, 1998.

Humm. Strange color. Anyone know why it did that?


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), December 25, 1998.

Diane and all,

I am not paranoid. I *am* however, deeply concerned and saddened.

My husband and I have absolutely nothing to hide. We have two credit cards with tiny limits that we keep for emergencies and we hardly ever use them. We buy with *gasp* cash! We don't have a mortgage, we don't have a car payment (*cash* is the key word here). We use the bank (actually a credit union) only for cashing paycheck and depositing into checking account to pay bills. All our other money is *somewhere else*. Sure, we are "in the system", but we aren't as deeply in it as the average American is. Hell, I was in the Navy for 13 yrs and hubby was in Navy for 12. We are definitely in data bases and they have our fingerprints too.

I just commented on the movie because it really made me think, that's all.

I am sure that there are government entities (how's *that* for a word...LOL) lurking here and monitoring this group. No problem. As long as I am an honest hard-working citizen who minds my own business I expect them (the gov) to do the same. (yeah right! like they will....)

I am rather against large central powerful government in general though. Too bad it all happened so slowly and over so many years that we didn't see it coming. I am guilty of apathy too. I hate that but I am. All I can do is vote my conscience and hope for the best. I am only one person.

I do however, feel that it is CRIMINAL for the president, vice president, congress and all government figureheads for not announcing warnings far and wide about Y2k to the populace, in time for people to adequately prepare. I really do.

Just mho.

Bobbi http://www.buzzbyte.com/

-- Bobbi (bobbia@slic.com), December 25, 1998.

Diane, That's a weird light blue there in your post! Where'd that come from? Bobbi

-- Bobbi (bobbia@slic.com), December 25, 1998.

That ad in blue was a swindler, right?

-- Leo (leo_champion@hotmail.com), December 25, 1998.

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

-- Leska (allaha@earthlink.net), December 25, 1998.

xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

-- Leska (allaha@earthlink.net), December 25, 1998.

the KGB used to have a saying " give us the man and we'll find the crime."

One might keep that in mind if one chooses to ignore things like the "know your customer" attempts because one "has nothing to hide".


-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), December 25, 1998.


The CIA or some such group did that wierd color, to discredit you. Hee Hee

-- Uncle Deedah (oncebitten@twiceshy.com), December 26, 1998.

Well, *all* I can see on this thread is totally black page with the spam in aqua blue, and our addys in cobalt blue. Nada else. So if Jon or any other HTML geniuses can fix it, thanx! 'enemy blackout'

xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx

-- Leska (allaha@earthlink.net), December 26, 1998.


That was the way the e-mail came. I realize looking at the original message they had HTML tags before and after the message, which caused the color shift. Since I don't HTML-speak, i didn't pay attention to it.

Can people read it? Or should I repost the key parts?

Leo, I didn't not think it was spam at the time. Other things going on were just too coincidental.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), December 26, 1998.

Just so that that the average person knows the NSA is prohibited by Federal law from gathering information on American citizens. If you go to the WEB site www.nsa.gov you can read exactly (in unclassified terms) what the NSA's function is. The NSA falls under the Department of Defencse. The job of gathering information about US citizens is left to the FBI even then it is very limited by law as to what they can do. We do live in the United States, and yes you we do have rights. Though the US Governbment does do some stupid things on occassion I would much rather live here than many other places in the world.

-- Tom (tom@inorbit.com), December 26, 1998.

# # # 19981226

"I love my country; but fear my government!"

Regards, Bob Mangus # # #

-- Robert Mangus (rmangus@mail.netquest.com), December 26, 1998.

If you highlight odd colored messages (not really that uncommon a problem - I never use html in normal messages for that reason) they are usually easier to read. Else right click and bring up view source - then just read the text.

-- Paul Davis (davisp1953@yahoo.com), December 27, 1998.

"I do however, feel that it is CRIMINAL for the president, vice president, congress and all government figureheads for not announcing warnings far and wide about Y2k to the populace, in time for people to adequately prepare. I really do." -- Bobbi

I agree with you. It is criminal, and it IS the American people who will eventually hold them accountable. I rarely favor a legal option but maybe a Y2K "class action" suit against the government would garner attention.

Anyone know a "good" lawyer?


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), December 27, 1998.

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