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My apologies to anyone who already read this in computer.software.year-2000 ....Subject: A strategy ....... From: y2kwhit@aol.com (Y2K Whit) Date: Fri, Dec 25, 1998 06:08 EST Message-id: <19981225060825.29792.00001856@ng-ft1.aol.com>

My apologies, my return key is not working, but what i have to say here is important. I'd like us to work on a strategy to give Joe Public the opportunity to decide for him/herself how serious this is, and how prepared he should be for his family (her family) Lets take a week off - from trying to "prove" to these pollyannas that this will be a problem - we all know it will be. Lets work together to find a way to break through the big brother/ big business / media conspiracy to keep them in the dark. What we need - is to find one big name media type - (ralph nader comes to mind - but he may be to extreme himself???) .. someone like dan rather - or barbra walters. What we need to do - is mount a compain - get as many people as we can to target this person - to get that person to truely understand this issue - and it's ramifications. To get that person to let Joe Public know what is going on. It needs to be someone big enough/ with enough clout that they wont bow down to pressure. So our first step - is to think of who that might be... can you think of a big name media type who has went against the grain before? Walter Cronkite? Barbra Walters? First lets come up with some options for who this person might be. Once we've determined who - then we need to come up with a strategy of HOW to get them to listen to us. And what it is we need to say - what points we need to address - what facts we have to back this up . (more on this later) And then we need to come up with the best strategy to get this information to them. Another important area here I think will be to document all we've done - ready to pick a 2nd candidate if the first chooses to bow to media pressure - or for whatever reason - doesnt listen - so we can use the same strategy on our 2nd choice, then our third. Ok now after we've 1) dtermined who would be best to get on "our side" so they can let joe public know we need to 2) determine how we are going to convince them when it comes to #2 .. we need to come up with a list of critical issues here - We need to explain to this person what vaporware is - the history of computer programming and some real evidence that saying you'll be complaint 6/99 is not in anyway - proof that you will be. we need to come up with some hard facts on how many businesses are complaint, an estimated - based on real evidence as to how long after "projected dates" computer projects are completed, of how many business wont be complaint jan -2000. We need to find someone who can explain in an articulate way - the difficulties with modfiying exsiting code - explain the lack of "comments" in source code, explain the challenges that many diff programmers coming in and modifying code, then modifying that code. We need to explain source code and the lack of source code. We need to explain data files, and how modifying code does not change the data files, the billions of records out their with say bday 01/01/03. We need to explain embedded systems (I am lost on this one lol) We need to explain why big brother/ big business/ and the media is down playing this (i can do this part - with someone editing my text - periods, commas etc ) All of these things need to be written in laymans terms - thats very important - in a way that they can understand. We need to come up with other approaches - ideas - things they need to know (how this will effect banking - elecric cos) We could use a historian type to explain to them - examples in history - that relate to this. An economist - to give them an idea on how this will effect the economy. ok and finally 3) We need to find the best way to campaign them - get them to listen to us ... i am not real sure on this one - I have some ideas - and i am sure you all can help with this as well. lets start by figuring out who we should campaign ... anyone willing to put as much time in the next week or two - into convincing someone that matters that we this could be more then a bump in the road - as they have into convincing DS and the other pollyannas in this newsgroup - please let me know - we can see what we can cooridnate on this. - We need #1) someone good at writing - I see many here who are - who can edit our letters. #2) someone who knows the media - enough to come up with a few good suggests as to who to campaign #3) someone who knows history enough to explain the historical implications #4) someone who knows the economy enough to explain potential economic factors #5) someone good at explaining computer jargon in laymans terms (have seen many here good at that) #6) someone good at co-ordinating a group project (I dont have alot of experience with it - but it'll be the most time consuming part - so if nobody else volunteers for this - I'll do it - or help them with it) and finally #7) Someone good at keeping "minutes" - if this campaign isnt successful - i know a few pollyannas here who would might volunteer for this - to show how "wrong we are" :)

-- Whitney (y2kWhit@aol.com), December 25, 1998


Whitney, that is a great idea and I volunteer for anything you'd like me to do. I can write, and I've been told I'm a fairly good organiser/co-ordinator (handled the logistics of a 200-person, $35,000 musical), so..


-- Leo (leo_champion@hotmail.com), December 25, 1998.

Great Leo! There are so many great writers here - if we can find one/ or two willing to edit the text, I'd love to have you help me co-oridnate this - i havent got a lot of experience with co-orinating but the few projects i have done were large scale. The editor job will take a # of hours 10-20 (maybe more) so hopefully one or two of the others will volunteer for that ... if they do - you and i can split the tasks of co-ordinating this... if we dont get another volunteer to edit for us then you your it LOL (commans, periods are not my fortee) I've gotten two responses already (only posted this 30 min ago) via email - one suggesting we shouldnt direct this to an individual but to more then one ( I understand their point - but if we target one well recognized main stream media person - we can write based on our knowledge of that person - but obviously we can discuss that option) the 2nd offering to do web research for us on compliancy. Thank you for the offer to help me cooridnate this - hopefully we will get one or more willing to edit text for us - because i definately could use someone help me organize this. Please forgive my typing tonight my keyboard is totally on the fritz. It's xmas even so cant replace it till Saturday. Whitney

-- Whitney (Y2kWhit@aol.com), December 25, 1998.

Count me in!! You will find a list of most of the cricital issues to address, in this forum under OLDER MESSAGES (by category).

-- JD (JD931@HOTMAIL.COM), December 25, 1998.

Certainly a good idea...for late '97 or early '98. I am afraid events are about to overtake us, just as they will Clinton's "war games" scheduled for June '99. Think "local and simple", what you can do, not what you would like to do.

-- curtis schalek (schale1@ibm.net), December 25, 1998.

-- Whitney (y2kWhit@aol.com), December 25, 1998.

I suggested this basic idea about 5 weeks ago. One person agreed the others blew it out of the water saying it was to late. There was only enough time to prepare our families. The way I wanted to get the message out was through a chain letter, which is more realistic. There is no way that a Dan Rather or Barbara Walters is going to be a part of the solution. The power structure in force will not allow it to happen.


-- flierdude (mkessler0101@sprynet.com), December 25, 1998.

>>I suggested this basic idea about 5 weeks ago. One person agreed the others blew it out of the water saying it was to late. There was only enough time to prepare our families. The way I wanted to get the message out was through a chain letter, which is more realistic. There is no way that a Dan Rather or Barbara Walters is going to be a part of the solution. The power structure in force will not allow it to happen.

Mike << Well, I find it selfish of anyone - who's become aware of this problem in the last year or two - to put any time into posting to this thread that it is "too late" If it werent for those who made YOU aware of this problem taking time out to make sure you heard the message - then you might be one of those who - you are now - not willing to take the time - and the chance - on. The meer mention of a "chain letter" is like menioning amway - a slam in the door. Mike, if you personally feel - that we cant reach Walter Cronkite on this, or Barbra Walters, or whoever we decide on - that's fine but I think you are basing that on opinion and not well researched facts on this specific issue. I agree that it will be a challenge, and we will have to pick the *right person* - but it can be done - and I think anyone who has learned of his issue in the past two years owes it to others - to take a few hours (or a dozen or so) in trying to offer them the same opportunity to decided for themselves if they wish to prepare or not. Anyone reading this think back to how you learned of this issue, did not someone take the time to write something that 'reached' you? If we had been so convinced last year that it was too late, that we didnt keep trying - you wouldnt be where you are today. Mike - you obviously agree with the genral idea - if you dont wish to volunteer to help with this project that's fine, but there is no reason - if you dont have the desire/ or time / or belief in it's potential to take the time to help with it, that you would instead take that time to try and convince me or anyone else that it wont work. Good luck, and if you have a change of heart, let me know we could use your help! Whitney

-- Whitney (y2kwhit@aol.com), December 25, 1998.

While we work on determining who would be best to campaign - I need a volunteer willing to spend several hours finding contact information for a number of award winning investigative reporters - who should also recieve a copy of our finished "product" To save space and time when reading this thread from now on the details for volunteering will be posted on the web (and will remain there indefinately - for historical purposes) The list of names is at http://members.aol.com/Y2KWhit/y2k.htm (keyboard still on fritz) I nkow it's xmas - not asking you to volunteer to do it today - it will need to be done within the next two - or three weeks. Thanks Whitney

-- Whitney (Y2KWhit@aol.com), December 25, 1998.

Whitney, Don't get me wrong here, i'm all for it. All I was saying is that no one on this forum took me seriously and blew the whole thing off as to late to proceed with the idea. I am all for making the public aware of y2k. But it is more important to articulate to the people how the goverment is conspiring to bring about the New World Order in order to take complete control of the non-elitist groups of society. y2k is just one of the major tools in their arsenal. If you want to kill the beast you have to cut its heads (plurality intended) off, not just treat the symptoms of its evils. Mike

-- flierdude (mkessler0101@sprynet.com), December 25, 1998.

UPDATE: I have a good friend who works for the New York Post (has his on bi-line even) Who has volunteered to find the contact information on the 10 pulitzer prize winning investigative reporters that I listed. (the ball is rolling) I will be posting a list of another group I feel should recieve a copy of our finished product. If someone would like to research contact information on these people email me or let me know here. I've been researching the possible candidate for our campaign - and I can see this will be a challenge........................................................... We need to keep this out of the political arena if possible. However (I am totally anti democrat - and especially anti- republican) but I can see that Elizabeth Dole (who seems to be respected by both dems - republicans and women) should be concidered - at least discuss the pro's and con's. I looked into ralph nader - and while I do think he should get a copy of our final product - I have serious reservations as him being our candidate for this campaign, but lets at least concider him. So far I see our best bet as Walter Cronkite, but his age is a concern to me he's had a triple bypass, (I think) can he handle the pressure - can we convince him enough that HE will convince other big time reporters? The other option (which has some major pro's - and major con's is Oprah Winfrey. I'd also like us to think of who is the most respected TV personality - and if that person would be an option? Any other ideas?

-- Whitney (Y2kWhit@aol.com), December 25, 1998.

These people that you mention will not put their immediate careers on the line. Nor will they attach their names to anything like this. Maybe you nedd to look for a leader in the Libertarian party for this task. Sounds like you are a Libertarian like myself. Mike

-- flierdude (mkessler0101@sprynet.com), December 25, 1998.

How about C. Everett Koop, former Surgeon General.

-- MVI (vtoc@aol.com), December 25, 1998.

Whitney, I just had a thought. How about the including the Pulitzer category of "Explanatory Reporting", in addition to "Investigative Reporting" to your list of candidates.

MoVe Immediate

-- MVI (vtoc@aol.com), December 25, 1998.

This may sound ridiculous, but what about John Glenn? He is highly respected and does not have an active career to worry about losing (being retired). He is also (I think) fairly bright and may not need a great deal of convincing. I think he would be a lot easier for people in positions of "local power" (i.e., police chiefs, clergy, small business leaders, etc) to listen to than Oprah!

-- judy (wednesdayschild@hotmail.com), December 25, 1998.

I'll help too whitney. I agree with you it is not too late. Anything that anyone can do is better than nothing.

-- Moore Dinty moore (not@thistime.com), December 25, 1998.

I don't have a very high regard for Oprah Winfrey. She's the host of a trash-talk show that I wouldn't watch if I was paid to. If she started talking about y2k, it would probably (if I was not already a GI) put me off it.

John Glenn, on the other hand. American hero. A man I admire. A man the NATION admires. Probably a lot smarter than Oprah; definitely more prestigious. If we could get him on side, we would be set.

-- Leo (leo_champion@hotmail.com), December 26, 1998.

Please bear with me for one more night - I'll be getting a new keyboard in the morning. I thought of John Glenn myself -everyone admires him a great deal - but just finsished being a senetor - I can see this as being a problem, one of the issues involved here is big brothers intentional misleading the public here. And he was part of the government (not saying he was directly involved, however - we will have to concider if we convince this is imporant enough - will he be willing to go against all his former colleges? ) I understand we could say the same thing about a media person - but they werent AS much a cause in this (playing their part now of course) as government. But i am definately for discussing the pro's and con's of John Glen - one pro he is reachable (more so then a few other options we have) Can you all share your take Ralph Nader as a potential candidate? He's made a number of major contributions in the past - able to get things done - but is he to contriversial now?? (taking on microsoft/anti trust - and other current issues) Any other ideas on WHO? What about Walter Cronkite? Monte- thank you for your offer to help here - I'll be posting later tonight - at http://members.aol.com/Y2KWhit/y2k.htm another task I'll need a volunteer for. Please either post here - or send me an email -a few traights ya have that'll help us (orginizational/ writing/ or etc) One thing I think we will need is someone good at textbook project planning (you know the steps taken in planning a project - I'm sure any one of the programer types here would be good at that) Need em to write me up set of constraints in project planning - or find one for me. (I have one in somewhere but gawd only knows where) Diane has offered her help and I think she will be a definate asset to us - she wont be able to start till next week - but thats ok - I'll be doing alot of research between now and then. (sorry again about typing) Whitney

-- whitney (y2kWhit@aol.com), December 26, 1998.

I am not so sure about a former attorney general, this needs to be someone the majority of americans know and trust. And some of us couldnt name 2 former attorne generals. But I'd like to hear others feedback on your C. Edward Koop idea (I could be way off base)

-- Whitney (Y2KWhit@aol.com), December 26, 1998.

Ok to begin work on Step #2 of this project (till we find me a list of project planning steps hehe) Lets first come up with a list of the key areas we will want to address - to provide facts, evidence and information to our candidate. I am open to suggestions as to how we do this. My idea would be - for someone to find several FAQ's on y2k websites - include them ALL (You may not find it important but others will) and combine them into one list that we can post here. An example (in most faq there is the question "What will be the economic impact of the Y2k bug" - we can post all qustions like that here in one list. And then we can as a group decide if we should exlude any of them (only excluded if majority wants it excluded) I think one of the MOST important things to get our candidate to undertand is what it reall ymeans when a company says it'll be compliant in 6 months - how totally inaccurate that is - but if the majority here dont think it's important then it'll be excluded (if this works for the rest of you anyhow) Anyone have a few hours free in the next few days to combine a set of FAQ I send you into one list? If so please post here (or email me) Once we've come up with a list of all the issues we want to address, then we can move on to step #3 - delegating someone to find two or three of the best - most concise - factual - etc source (website - white paer - or whatever) on this particular issue. They can post a link to each of those sources for that specific issue and we can vote on which one we will cite - and summarize. There are a couple writer types here, I will ask them to write THIS explination up in a clearer fashion ok? for now I'm just giving you the idea of where I'd like this to go - and I definately want your ideas feedback here on any of these suggestions I am making. So far I have 6 volunteers - and it is still Christmas LOL - so I think this is taking shape quite nicely. Looking foward to working with you all on this project and special thanks to Diane and mixesmusic for helping me to cement this idea. Whitney

-- Whitney (Y2KWhit@aol.com), December 26, 1998.

I just thought of someone who might be a viable option - lee iacocaa?? his two books were both record best sellers for ages - millions of americans read those books - is he too political??? I read both his books and he does seem politial - but he also can speak in a manner that most americans can really understand (or was that the editors doing? ) (Still thinking Cronkite might be best option - only negative I see there would be his age (health) what do you guys think about Lee Iacocca??

-- Whitney (Y2kWhit@aol.com), December 26, 1998.

We now have 9 volunteers who've volunteered to put time into this (editing /research etc) in addition to everyone who's offering great feedback - ball is gathering momentum. I need a volunteer who can look into finding facts / or reliable statistics on the latelness of large software projects (vaporware) I think it is very important that our candidate (spoksman?) understand what the thousands of companies/agencies nation wide who say they will be ready 6/99 mean by that. And how accurate that statement is - based on more then just our word on it. Anyone here have time in the next two weeks to find as much info as possible on this? If so please let me know here or Email me.

-- Whitney (Y2KWhit@aol.com), December 26, 1998.


I'm starting a new job tomorrow and probably won't have the time to contribute to this the way I'd like to. Pass the following resources on, though, to any investigative reporters you know.

Links to latest surveys, polls and progress reports on Y2K: http://www.ocweb.com/y2k/survey.htm

"Coming up short on Y2K - Many agencies missed last week's OMB goal for having systems fixed and ready for testing" (October 5, 1998 article): http://www.fcw.com/pubs/fcw/1998/1005/fcw-newsy2kshort-10-5-98.html

Maine Power Company Abandons 12/31/98 Deadline: http://www.bangornews.com/News/981022utilitiesupdatecommi.html

Dr. Edward Yardeni's Analysis of Fortune 500 SEC 10-Q Filings (PDF format): http://www.yardeni.com/public/y_19981221.pdf

"Sixty-Eight at the Plate? - Some Fortune 500 companies have announced they'll complete internal remediation by the end of 1998": http://y2ktimebomb.com/Computech/Issues/Icore9851.htm

"Where is Investigative Journalism when You Need It"? http://www.michaelhyatt.com/editorials/journal.htm

"NERC's Reliability Forecast for 2000 - Like Turkeys at Thanksgiving, Utility Necks are Fully Exposed": http://y2ktimebomb.com/PP/RC/dm9845.htm

"Y2K: Not There Yet - Report Faults Government Preparations": http://abcnews.go.com/sections/tech/DailyNews/govy2k981202.html

Fortune 500 Y2K data pages: http://www.flybyday.com/y2k/

Yahoo! guide to SEC 10-Q utility filings: http://biz.yahoo.com/research/indgrp/util_elec_pwr.html

Compliance information on banks, telecoms, electric utilities and air travel: http://www.2000amisafe.com/

-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), December 26, 1998.

Okay, here's my first draft of our general strategic plan: 1: Gather Internal support. This is happening now... 1a. Work out exactly what we have to do. I'm doing THIS now. 1b. Work out how to do this. (This stage can be staggered- "cross the bridge when you come to it" but I'd like to have something rough to go by anyway).

2: Produce Initial Information. We need something with which to convince our "face" of the facts, fast. It would also help to have a pamphlet with which to distribute to PCGIs (Possibly Could Get It). The pamphlet already exists in some incarnation. I think my corporate IPA (Initial Point of Approach) brochure would do the job well, with some heavy editing and alteration. It was written for pretty much this purpose. We also need to select our "target" and approach him. Here I would like to propose that we get more than one person, to appeal to more demographic segments and gather an image of solidarity. If we had, say, John Glenn as our public face, GREAT. But if we had John Glenn, Lee Iacocca AND Ralph Nader -three totally different people- trumpeting our cause, we would gain credibility exponentially.

3: Approach. Once we have selected a/some celebrity/ies, we approach them and make them into GIs, if we can. We point out how many people it will help. We also point out about what a tremendous popular advantage this will be for them on 1/1/00 when they are proven right. For anyone with political ambitions, this could be the selling point. We give them the Third Millenium GI treatment, which I've devised; basically the IPA and a sheaf of documents ranging from deJager and Yardeni to the Infomagic WRPs.

4: Use. This is our general campaign. If we had money for this, it would help. Since everything this campaign does is in the best interests of Third Millenium, my company, I'd be happy to finance it with a % of profits, if it ever gets off the ground. This is a rough that I'm writing at 10 am Sunday morning, but I think the gist of the initial plan is here. By the way, all of my resources are at the disposal of this operation. I'm a specialist marketer, so I should be able to help; as of now I'm giving this my full support, and equal top priority with my other two major projects. --Leo

-- Leo (leo_champion@hotmail.com), December 26, 1998.

Thanks Leo :) Most everyone agrees with you that we should have more then one "face/target/spokesman" My strategy however, is to pick ONE and focus all energy and attention on making this project work to hve this person GET it - and tell the millions who will listen.

HOWEVER - a secondary and just as important - once we have it finished - we can campaign any/ and all of the other choices we've mentioned. Someone can modify it for Oprah, for John Glenn, for Ralph Nadar - etc.

I have a contact currently getting contact info for 10 pulitzer prize winning investigative reports as well. When we are finished I believe we should send a copy to each and every senator / and congressmen with a short questionaire - so they will have to go on record 1) either rufusing to answer it or 2) with their status on y2k

If we focus on getting this ready - doing all it takes to get just ONE person to GET it ... we will have a working template for all the rest.

-- Whitney (Y2kWhit@aol.com), December 26, 1998.

Volunteer needed: Need someone willing to take on the objection "self-fullfilling proffecy" - find the best responses to that currently out there (this has been addressed many times) post them here so we can blend them into something of substance. If you'd like to volunteer to do the research on this - let us know here (or email me) Anyone who has a good source for this issue, please postit here. Thanks Whitney

-- Whitney (Y2KWhit@aol.com), December 27, 1998.

As an outsider to this very cool idea, I have one question, which is, suppose you find some big name, who succeeds in convincing Joe Public that y2k is an unavoidable disaster in the making. Then what is Joe supposed to do ? FEMA, the Red Cross and local authorities have advised every household to have basic emergency supplies for years. What more would you like to see ? Seems like once you've pointed Joe Public to BestPersonalPrepList the job is done. By hypothesis, it is "systemic" and "the software can't be fixed" and "time has run out", so ... ? Seems to me that good, non-covered up y2k info is all over the media now, for anybody to see and judge.

-RC (not defeatist, just curious)

-- runway cat (runway_cat@hotmail.com), December 27, 1998.

What is Joe Average supposed to do?

He goes out and speaks to Third Millenium, of course ;)

Of course, they could also organise neighbourhood projects and workarounds to fix everything..


-- Leo (leo_champion@hotmail.com), December 27, 1998.

>>As an outsider to this very cool idea, I have one question, which is, suppose you find some big name, who succeeds in convincing Joe Public that y2k is an unavoidable disaster in the making.<<

Well, I think that should be up to Joe Public dont you? The whole point in this strategy, is to find someone who will let Joe Public know what is REALLY going on, instead of what they have been getting. "Y2K isnt an issue, to prove our point - we'll tell em that there are groups of wackos out their waiting for it, like they waited for the Haley Bop Comet"

Once they have been informed, by someone they know and respect, that this REALLY is an issue, and why. Told where to find information and resouces on this. Then they can decide for themselves what they think they should need to do to prepare. Some (most??) may just blow it off even knowing how serious it is. Some may go out and by a few extra bags of groceries, and some will rush to the bank take out all their money, pull out their stocks, and stock up for a year.

The important goal is, you are aware of this problem, and know it's more then just "Survivalist wackos" who say it's for real. The general public should know this too, and be able to make an informed decision for themselves and their family.

My personal goal, which may not be the same goal as others - helping with this project to inform the public. Is to get them to understand this enough, that they WILL take it serious enough to act, they will rush out and get whatever they think they need - some 2 weeks - some a years worth, of food/ medicines / supplies. I hope enough will do so, that while the supply chain is still functioning, all the supplies they deplete can be replenished - thus making Y2K not as devastating as it could be. This is just my personal goal, the overall objective of this strategy - project, I hope is to let Joe Public have the same chance WE have to make that decision for themselves.


-- Whitney (Y2KWhit@aol.com), December 27, 1998.

You guys are missing a very important point: JQP does not WANT to be informed about Y2K. If he did, the media would be on it like white on rice.

Also, note that Glenn is a *very* well connected member of society's "inner circle" (he's also a 33rd degree Mason). There's no way the powers-that-be would allow him to come clean on what promises to be big brother's ultimate fiasco.

-- a (a@a.a), December 27, 1998.

Since this is being discussed in three different forums - I thought it might be easier if I stick all the key info etc on a website - no I am not selling anything - have absolutely no intention of doing so. Its just a place you can check to see status - find out what we need etc. Thanks - it's currently on my aol site http://members.aol.com/Y2KWhit/y2k.htm (case sensitive)

Just started it this morning - not much there yet - but keep an eye on it.

-- Whitney (Y2kWhit@aol.com), December 27, 1998.

1) 33deg Mason simply means that one has gone through the first 3 degrees in Blue Lodge, or Craft Masonry, sat through a sequence of degrees including the 14th, and 32nd degrees in Scottish rite, sat as (the best analog is 'club president') in all 3 of the Scottish Rite bodies, and/or contributed heavily in time and effort to the fraternity. NOTHING MORE OR LESS!!!!!

2) The recent Scottish Rite magazine carried a story on Y2K, which if I remember aright was fairly well balanced and not terribly alarmist. Let's look at real issues and not straw ones like the NWO being Masonic. Simply 'taint so folks!!


Who happens to be a 32 deg, past Warden, current Marshal, Companion in York Rite.

-- Chuck a night driver (rienzoo@en.com), December 27, 1998.

What do you think about Jesse Ventura? The younger people love him - he has already put some resources behind y2k in minnesota

-- Sharon Schultz (shalom100@aol.com), December 28, 1998.

Jesse Ventura, the USA's only high-ranking Libertarian, is a great man because of that. Screw wrestling -we've had high-ranking actors in politics before, and he's obviously no moron (otherwise he'd be a leftist, not a libertarian *g*).

I support him heavily. Not only do we get a prominent face, we will ALSO end up getting massive popular support -"he saw what was happening and he started warning people, and even though everyone thought he was a nut, he went right ahead and kept warning people, and when he was proven right his warnings had saved thousands of lives" is how people could see it- for an important Libertarian. Thus advancing the cause of the most usable political faction in the world.


-- Leo (leo_champion@hotmail.com), December 28, 1998.

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