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From The National Enquirer

YES - this rumour is *TRUE* - this virus was cunningly inserted over the last forty years, worldwide, in nearly all systems and embedded systems, in a feat of unmitigated audacity. It has been self replicating also, in that the work of the pioneer hackers has been perpetuated by the peeceeweenies of our era too.

The interdependent complexity of the virus is also it's highest danger - it's absolute mind boggling simplicity.

So simple in fact, thanks to the brilliance of those pioneer hackers basking in glory now in their retirement, that it has has remained undetected until this very day, with many systems still unaware of the timebomb within.

Two digits instead of four.

That simple. That deadly.

Coming to a theatre near you, new year's day 2000.

No passes please.

-- Andy (, December 24, 1998


40 years ago, huh? I guess we have legacy code all the way back to Univac 1005's. Were IBM 1401's around in 1958?

MoVe Immediate (or whatever the Autocoder equivalent was)

-- MVI (, December 24, 1998.

OK a little poetic license there MVI, when did 1052's and and 1403's etc. come in? Mid 60's???

Later, Andy

-- Andy (, December 25, 1998.

Hehe Andy. I saw a Univac once while I was in the Army. Heck it looked like da bomb then. Of course I was wiring accounting machines at the time. ;)

MoVe Immediate (still looking for a card saw for 'Chuck a night driver'

-- MVI (, December 25, 1998.

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