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Ed just posted some good info about the UN meeting on the Can you top this thread. (at least I think it was really him).

Anyway, the url is http://www.un.org/members/yr2000/meeting and most of the info he refers to regarding specific sectors can be found on the link called Meeting Documentation. There is a lot of meat on this bone, so you may want use the hot link below and bookmark it (assuming my hot link works). Remember you can right click the hot link and open it in a new window to bookmark.

UN Meeting


-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@net.com), December 24, 1998


As Ed wrote "there are also reports from the telecommunications sector, the oil & gas sector, electric power, air transportation, and maritime/port sector".

In addition, there are also three Overview Reports: How the European Union is tackling the Year 2000 Computer Problem, OECD Policy Brief: The Year 2000 Problem -- Impacts and Actions, and A Global View (Partial) of the Year 2000 Crisis -- Rubin

The following is an excerpt from the meeting document of the Electricity / Nuclear Power sector - Organization: International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) - Assessment of Global Readiness:

"In some countries the Y2K problem has been actively and publicly pursued for more than 2 years as it relates to nuclear generating facilities. The Y2K problems are being resolved and the management of the effort leads knowledgeable observers to conclude that Y2K Readiness is an achievable goal. In these countries the regulatory authorities at many levels have recognized the importance of resolving the Y2K problem and have made it part of their mandate for both nuclear and non-nuclear facilities."

"However, in some other countries Y2K has not yet gained the support that is necessary. Awareness at the sponsor level (typically senior government officials and facility managers) is incomplete and statements about Y2K Readiness that are sometimes made are offered without evidence of an organized evaluation to support them. Unless concerted efforts are undertaken immediately the Y2K Readiness of many countries that are highly dependent on electrical service cannot be assured in time. Furthermore, those that employ nuclear facilities to generate their electricity cannot confidently assure safe operation absent an comprehensive Y2K program."

For those of you who want information regarding Y2K global status, time at the link above will be well spent. Especially interesting are the results of the telecommunications survey (table) and the various sector contingency plans. Hope you find this link interesting and informative, let me know what you think.

BFN, Rob.

-- Rob Michaels (sonofdust@net.com), December 24, 1998.

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