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Merry Christmas everyone, and I am outa here. After reading the latest crop of posts and new questions, I am asking Ed to close this forum and start a new one with tighter controls. This place has become a butthead magnet of the first order. I've often wondered what motivated senseless vandalism, now I know: envy, alienation (they belong to something and I don't, oh boohoo I'm going to ruin it for them), and rank stupidity. And we ask why we haven't seen Uncle Deedah lately? Hey, a@a, chittums, and the rest, wander over to comp.software-year2000 on the Usenet (if you know how) and try your games over there. That would be a firefight I'd pay to see.

-- JDClark (yankeejdc@aol.com), December 24, 1998


Firstly, Uncle DD has never been anything other than the forum's mascot, I have never seen anything contributed in the way of Y2K anything. Just BS and more BS. Secondly, the price to be paid for Y2K awareness is a lot more people, including undesirables. If you can't take the heat of bad postings, what are you going to do when Y2K comes down on us with a vengence. I am serious, how can you even think of being too good for petty annoyances on this forum, versus what is probably going to happen starting next year? Stay on this forum, contribute, ignore what is obviously from a troll, answer what is obviously from the heart (even if you disagree, especially if you disagree). I have been lurking for a long time, and the only reason that I have been posting recently is because I hate to see all the good people who work so hard to give everyone a lot of info disappear becuase of the riff-raff (especially the obese kind that eat doughnuts). Stay.

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.com), December 24, 1998.

Thanks for the response, Your Highness, but the noise to news ratio is just too high for me to take the time to sort through it anymore. In other words, the useful info is swamped by the crapola, and there are other places that serve my needs better on the Web. This has nothing to do with my ability (or lack of it, in your eyes) to put up with unpleasantness. I have a choice in this case, and I'm exercising it, thank you very much. As for Uncle, he contributed more than you have so far, so you might want to wait before you start passing judgment on other contributors here. BTW, thanks for the phony e-mail address. I tried responding from my AOL mailbox and was told you don't exist, forcing me to come back here to answer. And you say _I_ can't take the heat? Luck to you and yours: JDClark

-- JDClark (yankeejdc@aol.com), December 24, 1998.

An unfortunate side effect of greater Y2K news coverage and public awareness is that morre people are curious about the subject and go surfing for Y2K web sites. Most are truly in search of concrete information. But there are those people who learn of all the Y2K forums and see them as nothing more than new "cyber neighborhoods" to go vandalize.

The problem is not unique to this forum. North's forums have been brought to it's knees several times by troll-induced flame wars. Things there will probably never return to the levels of good discussion they were at six month ago. It seems now it's Ed's turn in the barrel. Hang tough and don't honor them with a reply. They'll get tired and go away if they can't get a rise out of anyone.


-- wildweasel (vtmldm@epix.net), December 24, 1998.

JD - a Blessed Christmas to you and yours! (and I hope Ed listens to you!)

WW - you're right and the only saving graces here have been that the trolls (JBD, Jerry, & co) are so young and naive that they're relatively easy to work around...also they'll have to back to school in another week or two, and that will ameliorate their activities here.


-- Arlin H. Adams (ahadams@ix.netcom.com), December 25, 1998.

JDClark, Isn't it just terrible that everyone in the whole world is not going by your rules? "I am outa here".

Ya takin your baseball and goin home so no-one can play unless they do what you want them to do? (Don't let the door hit you..you know the rest)

"I am asking Ed to close this forum and start a new one with tighter controls."

And because it is YOU who will ask him he is sure to comply because of course the world surrounds you only. Sorry Bud, but your attitude is one that two year old children have a terrible time outgrowing. That is why it is called the terrible two's. They are at a mental stage where they are learning that the world does not surround them and they are not the center of the universe. I must admit I almost fell off my chair when I read what you posted. After having a good laugh over it I realised you actually took yourself seriously. Now I only feel sorry for you.

-- Cherri Stewart (sams@brigadoon.com), December 25, 1998.

To the Hispanic Monarch

WOOF WOOF WOOF (pant pant)

-- Uncle Deedah (oncebitten@twiceshy.com), December 25, 1998.


Why do you think JBD is a troll. He is trying to post differing opinions and at the same time lampoon your long winded brethern. Maybe he's not too good at it but he seems sincere and is pretty amusing. Jerry on the other hand although entertaining is closer to the official defination of a troll. I don't think they are the same at all.



-- KarenKurious (karen@hoho.com), December 26, 1998.

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