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This Forum is for Debating, Facts and Theories to achieve Y2K Benchmarks and solutions. It is prefered that the donator has a complete knowledge of the Y2K problem. That subject matter does not relate to wild theories and third hand information from an unskilled IT Specialist.

This is a Internation Forum. Questions are welcome from any layperson but theories will be treated with suspicion.

Thanks for Joining the Group.


Bob Johnson-Perkins IT Research Analyst Government Research Team at VITR (UK)

-- Bob Johnson-Perkins (Bob@Internet2000-Plc.com), December 24, 1998


Bob, theory from a very Lay-mans prospective, is you don't know what the Hell about your job. Take for instance, a wash machine or a home dryer expert. We pay then to come in and fix the blasted thing. Or take, your car repair, if it doesn't run, we expect you to make it right. We have no patience with Fools (which to seek their platform), You I.T., better regroup, We Will Lay you down, due to your own insolent.

-- Y2K preparations (beans to@lastalifetime.com), February 15, 2001.

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