Onyx4.2 and PRO600e

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I am seing intermitant banding on the PRO600e in prints that are being printed 3 up on 60 Inch media. The banding is intermitant accross the page and is around half an inch in height and comprises all four colours of the ink cartriges. Intrestingly if you rotate the image 90 degrees the banding dissapears!. Anybody having the same problems?. Postershop 4.2 on an intel box. Regards Daryl Lamble

-- Anonymous, December 24, 1998




Just a quick thought, if you reprint the same job does the banding appear in exactly the same place?

The reason I ask is that the 600e has a real priming problem! If you don't prime the cartridges properly, you can get the same effect that you discribe, after about a 1/2 inch, the print returns to normal. If you print far enough it will repeat.


-- Anonymous, January 11, 1999

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