I want to know more about the Oregon Productivity Matrix - how do i get the info.

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I am intereseted in applying the Self managed work team concept utilisng the oregon productivity matrix as a method for measuring team performance,

Please send me your inputs at diwakar.singhal@geind.ge.com

-- diwakar singhal (diwakar.singhal@geind.ge.com), December 24, 1998


Hi, Diwakar, sorry I can't help but i too am interested in the Oregon Productivity Matrix. I,ve tried David Gobeli at the Oregon Productivity centre (Oregon State university)and he says that they are no longer involved in this project. If you get any replies i would appreciate you forwarding them to me.

Regards, Dave Johnson

-- Dave Johnson (Dave.Johnson@Huletts.co.za), January 08, 1999.

Sorry I don't have any resources for you I do know that awhile back I read searched on the Web for some more information and was only able to find a very very short article by Raytheon TI Systems on the Matrix. They apparently are using it for many of their organizations. You might try contacting them to see what information they have. Some of our teams at our plant are using what we call Team Performance Index(which is another name I feel for the OPM). If you find any good information and are willing to share it I'd appreciate it. Thanks and Good Luck. Jane

-- Jane Weddle (jane.weddle@ch.novartis.com), June 22, 1999.

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