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Im watching an Aeon Flux marathon right now. Yes, one tonight possibly a sign cause it is on "The Best of MTV."

-- Commander Blood (, December 24, 1998


I saw it last night. I watched most of Last Time for Everything and the first part of The Demiurge before I remembered I had all this on tape.

I dunno, it seemed different on TV somehow. I think the fact that I couldn't rewind or fast forward to my favorite parts was floating in the back of my mind. Or maybe it was just the thrill of knowing that the greatest animated television show of our time was being shown to the masses. Perhaps a few Flux-heads were recruited last night.

You never know.

Once again I knew the thrill of being FORCED to watch AF late at night because it never came on any other time. I never realized how much I missed that.

But after a while the thrill faded. *sigh* So I played a little Tomb Raider III,(I'm STILL in that damn Jungle level!) then went on to sleep.

btw, I contemplated coming in here and putting up a post about it. But I figured most of you had the tapes. Plus I'm ever so lazy.

-- Frostbite (, December 25, 1998.

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