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hello Bruce Lee fans !!

This is a message from Holland {The Nethetlands} Here in holland bruce lee videos are available from PHONOGRAM {PHILIPS} alle films are cut versions specialy "game off death" One film is only available from Warner bross. thats "Enter the dragon"

I am surching for the uncut version from "game off death" i have the cut version were the nunchaku fight not is shown... Recently i was attended to a store nereby who have a new collection off bruce lee videos on sale!!

Its a pack of 6 {six!!} uncut videos, and volume six is game of death number 2, made off several parts from other bruce lee films,and a original,it has bin in the cinema here,but it " flunkt" because there is a look a like playing Bruce....

I`m going to check it out, your hering from me !! Greetings to all Bruce Lee Fans!!!

Frans Janssens ;

-- Frans Janssens (, December 23, 1998

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