"Berognican Reunification Movement"

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I've just come across an intresting piece of information. There is a rumor that Bregna and Monica were once one nation. There is a force out there who call themselves the "Berognican Reunification Movement" who are trying to reunite the two countries.

This actually makes sence.......as both the Monicans and the Breen look roughly the same.....seem to speak the same language.....and their capital cities are so close that they have to be separated by a heavily armed boarder wall. Hmmmm...

-Pythagoras, Councilor of Light-

-- Pythagoras (karl.wolf@unisys.com), December 22, 1998


That's the main "plot" behind the Herodotus File. The Berognica reunification movement, who claim monica and brenga were one nation, about a hundred years ago or so, draw the attention of Trevor. With such things as the Creem Brother's map of Berognica, and the Monican Relical, and airship time capsule, filled with things that prove Berognica did exist, Trevor decides to have the movement eliminated. And after a review of such agents as Loquat, the man(?) of a million faces, and Stenwilli Nilpfred, photographer assassin extraordinare (who, by the way, has been been 100% effective in his highly specialized field of killing JUST photographers), Trevor decides to call upon the agent Aeon Flux. This is supposedly their first meeting. Trevor has Aeon take out such key points to the B.R.M. as the Relical, the Marouche Insititute, and the Necropolis. I won't reveal what happens, as it is a very interesting book, and I wouldn't want to ruin it for those who haven't been able to read it yet. The book is brimming over with pictures, diagrams, and info about the world of Aeon Flux. It should still be available at any book store. The Herodotus File costs about $20.

-- ChaosKnight (hellfire@surfshop.net), December 23, 1998.

The European edition of The Herodotus File went out of print a few months ago. It cost #9.99. Anyone in Europe who still wants it will have to scour some large bookshops or import the US version.

-- Philip Mills (philip.mills@cableinet.co.uk), December 26, 1998.

Yes, I just read the Herodotus file. X-mas to be exact. It is a wonderful book to read. It contains some great pictures and lots of info on the flux world. Regarding where the kids are who are play fighting. They are Bregna, There are those weird cameras by them.

-- Cliff L. (ComdrBlood@aol.com), December 30, 1998.

I've ordered the book through The Internet Bookshop (from the UK) and they've said that it's in the process of being re-printed.

-- Keith George Redhead (redhed@globalnet.co.uk), February 03, 1999.

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