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Target marketing works. There are a few CD's available from which you can generate a mailing list, use the Yellow Pages or a mailing list company. The first step is to define your market. Who do you want to promote to. For example you photograph architectural. Possible clients would be builders, architects, realtors and contractors. I would design a 4x6 or 6x8 post card with a few images showing maybe an interior, home exterior and a commercial building. Portrait and wedding photographers can adopt a similar concept. Purchase a list of higher income families for portraits. Post cards are effective,low cost and stand out from junk mail.Add a special offer or a reason to call. A mailing list company can supply as many names and addresses that are needed on labels and even bulk mail them for you. To commercial clients I would suggest sending out 200 every other week followed by a phone call and hopefully set an appointment to show your work. Dollar to Dollar POST CARDS work. Share an idea on marketing your self!!!!

-- David Wright (, December 22, 1998

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