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Best Wishes and safe vacation to all.

That will be especially meaningful to those of you who have family away from home. I have one daughter in Canada. One in Iran. One in Australia.

Anyone else find the Net changes keeping in touch for the better?

Question: how do we monitor which parts of the Net go dark come Y2K?

We need a mirror site(s) for that purpose in a number of countries.

Any suggestions as to how to coordinate this monitoring function?

-- Bob Barbour (, December 22, 1998


Bob..Hi!..Somewhere amongst the threads I seem to remember someone posting about the NET's reliance on the GPS for its time-keeping. Considering that the GPS system 'rolls-over' on or about AUG. 21, 1999, couldn't we start seeing problems mid-year? This could also affect banking transfers, radio/TV broadcast systems, military operations, aviation, etc., as well as Joe Hiker with his hand held GPS. It promises to be a most interesting year.....

\/\/illis in OKC, OK

-- Willis (, December 23, 1998.

Uh, remote viewing? :)

I'm more interested in the grid Bob... In the book "Y2K it's already too late" our heroes in The Keep monitor the lights going out around the world via TV satellite links, starting with Tokyo and spreading west. If this scenario plays out it will hit the servers and switching systems randomly I would have thought, but I'm sure portions of the net will stay up as alternate routes kick in. I saw some information on this at the following link somewhere:-

-- Andy (, December 23, 1998.

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