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I have a question. It's been a while since I've seen the episode with the Demiurge.

After Trevor's failed attempt to invade Monica to free the Demiurge, he starts a speach to the Breens....

Then suddenly the alarms go off. The Monicans are air dropping the dead Breen soldiers on the capital city.

Trevor then has to redo his speach. Why?

I seem to remember that Trevor was lying to Bregna, saying that the Breens won against Monica and that no Breen soldiers died. Is this true?


-- Pythagoras (, December 22, 1998


No he didnt say no Breen's died. He said he kept casualties to a minium on both sides, due to the time he striked.

-- Cliff L. (, December 22, 1998.

Well, I always thought Trevor had more to say. His voice dropped, and kind of trailed off. It didn't seem to have and ending on it. But he was interrupted by the message. And, his recorder was still on during the message, and that was recorded on to his speech. So unless he wanted an incomplete speech that message about the aircraft on it, he would have to redo it.

-- ChaosKnight (, December 23, 1998.

The truth of the matter is....Monica's commentary on the war for rescuing the Demiurge was rather anti-war....Trevor since he lost the war and the demi-urge (so it seemed at the time) had to justify the casualties to his people.....[if you listen to the commentary of the original stuff on screen it sounded like it must have been from the Monican media or from the free press in Bregna].....this is a despotic society therefore....Trevor has say over what gets to the masses and does not get to the masses....he wants the masses at bay not in he changed the commentary evidently at the point where the bodies are sent back in order to sway public opinion of the war in a different direction....what that direction is ....we may never know since he's cut off from us....I can only project that he decided to downplay the Monican gesture of goodwill with the bodies because remember he has to justify keeping that nice little wall between Monica and Bregna......if you would like to know more or feel that I have not explained clearly enough......please e mail me... x-phile

-- x-phile (, January 12, 1999.

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