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This is entertaining. So is "I Love Lucy" & "Gilligan's Island". But I don't wanna watch those shows 24/7. Take a break, fellas. Go have a beer. Watch some TV. Talk about something else (maybe not here). Look at it a different way, not just the one you have brain-washed yourself into believing. There is only so much ya can learn about this Y2K. Beyond that is only preperation & -uggh- WAITING! The news of Y2K is not changing as fast as the Soap Opera you all are creating. Or the political-philosophical debates being argued. Now, we all die one day, & we never know what day is our TEOTWAWKI. So, be prepared to die. Even if you live 30,40,50 more years, you will die! Get over it. Could be today, could be tomorrow, could be next one knows. So, guess what I'm trying to say, is LIVE TODAY, & every day as tho' it could be your last. Have a good day everyone.

"May all your experiences be good ones." -me-

-- Randy (, December 22, 1998


Sorry to disagree, Randy, but I have a family to care for. Some how, I don't think that my 15 year old son is willing to call it quits. The party hearty, and then roll over and die mentality is for fools.

-- Mike Roach (, December 22, 1998.

Randy, I fully intend to live another 40-50 years. I have the genetic and psychological disposition for it. I plan on informing myself on many things in this life (not just this particular issue) so that my dispositions can be fulfilled.

Yes, this is entertaining. My life would be much less interesting without political-philosophical issues to discuss and debate and learn more about as I go through life. Luckily, my work, home and technological life is such that it's very easy for me to jump in here and there into the debate. This is PART of of me LIVING TODAY. It's not either/or. It's not LIVE TODAY OR ENJOY POLITICAL-PHILOSOPHICAL DEBATES. In order for me to live to my fullest, I MUST have those debates as part of what I do.

Get it?

-- pshannon (, December 22, 1998.

Nice response, but it didn't seem to be to what I said...hmm? I didn't say "Quit" or to "Party hearty then roll over & die." All I said, was, everyone stop being so OVERLY obsessive about it. And just prepare as ya can. With where ya are & what ya got. As if someone is gonna come along & say, "Yessir, we have the official totals, It's gonna be this way & not that do this!"

"If life is worth preparing for, shouldn't death be also?" - as it is the end of everyone.

-- Randy (, December 22, 1998.

Not saying it's EITHER/OR. I fully enjoy philosophical debate too. Tho' I'm not too fond of political debate. Seems to get nowhere. Or change anything, much. I was just trying to elevate the discussion to a higher level...maybe that's impossible since sooo many have made up their minds about the way it'll be(Doomsday). And are taking off from that presumption. My mind is still open, yet I shall prepare best I can, but not WHOLE HOG(obsessively)! Not for a free trip to Looney Tune Villas.

-- Randy (, December 22, 1998.



Or Sitcoms

How about Sitcoms?

-- Leo (, December 22, 1998.

Well, it ain't that easy. The reason we're "obsessed" is that there's so much to do and so much to learn. I don't have any idea how bad it's going to be, but like all the other diehards here, what I'm preparing for is the end of modern civilization. Since all my education up till now has concerned survival within modern civilization, I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Still, I see your point. A lot of posts here don't really concern preparations as just talking about the whole mess (eg. this thread). But don't underestimate the need for moral support, given that for many of us, the only people we talk to who are making the same sorts of preparations are on forums like this.

-- Shimrod (, December 22, 1998.

Way to go Randy.Very well said. I can't add anything but I kinda wish I had a normal name now. See ya gotta go annoy some windbags.


-- Jimmy Bagga Doughnuts (, December 22, 1998.

Randy, let me refresh your memory by displaying your quote from a previous thread:

"I'm not a manager, nor am I about getting my "jollies", whatever the hell that is. What I am is pissed, at having to deal with a problem that I didn't cause, create, or contribute to becoming a reality. And I'm the only one in MY family that even has internet access, outta 1 cousin, 2 aunts & uncles, my mom, my dad, my, where do I take this....what do "I" do? I have never dealt with anything of this magnitude, dunno that I can...but I have loved ones, they may not even believe any of this, if I tell them I am stuck to handle it alone? I feel alone..& ....whatever...I'm just at wits end. Sorry for the hostility, or ignorance, or any other "bad" emotion...ok?".

Are you the same frightened little wuss of this previous thread or the macho "everybody has gotta die sometime" man of the current one.

Why don't you and the donut man stop wasting our time.

MoVe Immediate

-- MVI (, December 22, 1998.

I agree with Randy in a way. I've had to stop myself from obsessing over this quite a few times, and I'm not even predicting the end of civilization. I think we all do need to chill out a little no matter what our point of view is--I mean at least here on the forum. This is an emotional time of year for most people.

-- Buddy (DC) (, December 22, 1998.

When Nightline did their y2k show, one of the people interviewed said that fixing the faulty chips was not the time consuming part; she compared it to replacing rivets on the Golden Gate bridge. She said it may take less than 45 minutes to replace one, but if you tell a worker he has to replace all of them, it's going to take a long long time. Just as we don't have enough time to fix all of the systems in the next year, I don't have enough time to prepare for y2k for my family AND work AND take care of the kids and dh (who is directly affected and responsible for these issues at work), and the myriad of other day to day tasks I must perform. Obsessive? Maybe a bit. But I am about anything that could jeopardize my family.

-- jhollander (, December 22, 1998.

MoVe Immediate,

The response of mine you posted was from having only information from this message board forum. Now that I have been thru a hundred sites (links) & read more on the subject, my ideas(education) has changed. So, what I am is PISSED off at people like you that try to downplay my viewpoint, to the extent of promoting yours. But maybe you need this to make your viewpoint be real to you, I dunno. At any rate, there is only so much to learn, & frankly, I don't think this forum educates on the subject as much as converts one to a doomsayer. Which was my immediate reaction....but not any more. Life goes on! I can prepare for some hard times, but my cash flow is limited, so I'll do what I can; i,e. food, water, h2o filters, sleeping bag, tools, knife, b.b. gun, medicines, candles, matches, flashlights, batteries, radios, zip-lock bags, dehydrator, & money$. I also did a review of my local power, ( & telefone co. ( and they seem to be in better shape than most. So, I can't be obsessed with this issue 'cept to the point of preparing over time(9- 12 months). But, hey, if God decides that it's my time to die in this scenario, what can I do? Except be prepared to meet my maker...! But if I survive(hard or easy times), then I'll consider myself blessed, as I consider myself one of the chosen & elect anyways(for those that understand this idea). Later.

-- Randy (, December 22, 1998.

Nah, he's still getting his jollies - poor wibble baby.

-- Andy (, December 23, 1998.

Can you say go fuck yourself?

-- jerry (jebs@jjek.jegga), December 23, 1998.

Close your tags, Jerry. There.

Randy, I'm glad to hear that you've broadened the scope of your information gathering, and as a result you believe things aren't going to be as bad as you originally thought. That's great. So why the anger at other folks who still think it's gonna be TEOTWAWKI? Why should other people's obsessions affect you like this? You seem to know what you need to do. The psychological quirks of some strangers on a forum are simply not your problem. Let it go, man. There's useful info here - take advantage of it. If you don't agree with the doom 'n gloom crowd, ignore 'em. It's just not your problem.

-- pshannon (, December 23, 1998.

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