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I have read (http://www.archiphoto.com/personal%20pages/Konica.html) that there is an older version of the Hexanon 28/3.5 lens that is good and a newer version that is less so. Can anyone say how one can tell the difference?


-- Anonymous, December 22, 1998


28mm f3.5

I asked the same question about versions a while ago, and got the reply that the older one has one more lens (8 vs 7 I think it was) than the newer. And, more usefull, that the front lens of the old was less recessed than the new one. Not very helpfull unless you have one of each to compare, and I took mine to a collector who just glanced at it and said: the old version. The new one is only MARGINALLY inferior, I am told. But the center of the front lens is recessed by ca 8 mm behind the fron of the filter threading. If the fron lens in yours lies deeper than that, it is the new one. Mind you, I have only seen my own, so if others know better please correct me!

-- Anonymous, January 15, 1999

Hexanon 28mm f3.5

I recently purcheased the 'old version' of 28mm Hexanon. So now i can compare two versions side by side.

Old version: Slightly longer, f3.5 - f16 New version: Shoter and more recessed front glass element, f3.5 - f22

Also I noticed that the reflected colors from the glass is different - indicating different coating scheme has been used. As for the relative performance, I still have to try the old version. But it is hard for me to imagine how any lens can be sharper than the new version 28mm Hexanon! The new version Hexanon is already razor sharp!

-- Anonymous, March 28, 1999

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