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Hey guys thought I might run this one past you. How in all of Hades do you aquire the money for some of the big climbs i.e. Everest-anywhere from $20,000-$60,000, Cho-Oyu-$7,000-$12,000 , K2- I don't even want to imagine da price, and so on. I know that sponsorships can help out alot on the expense but unless you are well known for your climbing ability, or know someone in da buisness it is very hard to aquire their sponsorship. I've heard of grants through some organizations but how does that work? I mean how the heck would joe smo like me go about convincing someone to hopefully give me a grant. I know you can try and do alot of stuff locally in your town and surrounding area but if you guys have advice send it my way. Thanks for your time and hopefully I hear from some of you. P.S. Credit Cards are not an option- already maxed those out on equipment.

-- Tommy Prumer (, December 22, 1998


I am in the same shoes as you, trying to get money for an expedition, but hard to find. We got some through various grants. Just look around for grants. AAC, Polartec challenge, Mugs Stump, etc... You just have to be honest with them, and get those applications in!


-- Spawn (, March 12, 1999.

There is no magic way to find money. My best advice, find yourself a good job and save as much money as you can. Sponsors may provide you with some gear (dry food, tent...) but don't really count on big grant except if you are ready to do really high level climbs that will bring you a lot of publicity. T-shirts and signed postcards works well.

Good luck Carl

-- Carl Veilleux (, August 22, 2000.

Welcome to the world of "Dirt Ball Climbing." 1) Sell your house. You can park your car at Walmart and sleep there. 2) Ramen noodels. 3) Be "that guy" at the crags that spends his days trying to pull those nuts that people have given up on years ago. 4) Save up all your pay checks, don't pay taxes, and make friends with the mob. 5) If thats still not enough you can give handjobs in the allys behind bars.

Hope that helps :) Jim

-- Jim Davis (, January 07, 2003.

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