Looking for photographers in area.

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I am a self-starting, self-taught serious amature photographer. I am a photojournalist major at a small campus in Northeast, Ohio. More specifically Kent trumbull branch in Champion, Oh. Anyway, I have been a photographer for many years. I started as a young kid when my father would take me and my brother out to watch trains and he would sometimes bring his camera. Eventually I got a cheap camera and started working my way up to better and better cameras. However I never was able to learn much about the diversity and creative aspects of photography until this past year when I finally aquired two Nikon cameras that allow me to do so much more that its like a whole new world of picture taking to me. I have learned a ton of things through my own motivation and I continue to learn more as much as I can as I go along. My only downfall is that those who like to go shooting either have a schedule that clashes with mine or have moved away from me. I really feel that another persons company would influence me to do more and I feel strongly that it would be most beneficial to the both of us as we could learn from each other. If you know of any serious photographers in the Northeastern Ohio area I'd like to talk to them.

-- Mark W. Lipczynski (YdangleF4@aol.com), December 21, 1998

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