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Welcome to Black & White World's Alternative Process discussion forum!

This forum is designed for anyone who uses non-standard equipment or chemistry to create images. It is meant as a free exchange of ideas, technical information and discussion about this topic.

The discussions include (but are definitely not limited to): Dauguereotypes Callotypes Palladium Prints Gum Bicarbonate Prints Pinhole Photography Kirlian Photography 3-D Photography Hand Coloring Tinting

...you get the picture.

So feel free to ask questions, share your expertise, and hopefully learn a lot.

-- Mason Resnick (bwworld@mindspring.com), December 21, 1998


hi i am a grade twelve student at charles hays secondary school in price rupert british columbi, (CANADA). for photography class i have baeen assigned a project on a famous photographer that took war pictures! i would greatly appreciate it if you send me any information regarding this topic!! thanx 4 your help sincerly, kathleen simms

-- kathleen simms (love69_6246540@hotmail.com), March 27, 2000.

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