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I have asked this question in the past but will ask again since there are so many new names appearing on the forum. Does anyone know about state prisons and how they will be effected. I live very close to a new prison. Also, where is Jane Squire. I have not read any responses from her and always find her answers to be very informative.

-- Linda A. (, December 20, 1998


You mean Diane Squire, right?

-- Leo (, December 20, 1998.

Da, I am sorry. It is Diane. I am terrible with names but she still posts a good response whether she is Diane or Jane.

-- Linda A. (, December 20, 1998.

Well, I happen to have a family member in Salinas Valley State Prison and He told me that they did a test on the doors and the opened and stayed open. He also told me that all the security gates open and they have been short staff lately because they are all either qiuting or taking time off for the holidays, well if you think of it like this that they will do the same thing next year and whn they are short staff they stay in their cells well if the gates open in 2000 all the prisonors will flee to the "outside world" and there wont be enough gaurds to stop all of the prisoners.


-- MOJO (, December 20, 1998.

You have to think of more things than the mere prison doors. Imagine a prison that cannot flush the toilets, or cannot feed them, or cannot sustain longterm electricity due to fuel shortages, etc. There are many things that any one of which would bring the prisons across the nation into riot status. Once they riot, they will find a way around the doors.

So, do we send the troops to the largest crowded cities or the overcrowded prisons. There are not enough to go around, I do not think.

-- James Chancellor (, December 20, 1998.


Haven't studied the prison system as yet. I'll pay attention for you as I'm doing net homework. Shifting most my focus over the next two weeks to preparation issues.

Many things at the CA state level do NOT look good, especially among the smaller counties. Personally I'd try to activate an investigative reporter to study the issue. I currently have one who is focusing on local preparation, so trying to help him out.


-- Diane J. Squire (, December 22, 1998.

If the prison doors are locked with nobody to guard and the power is off and the prisoners start a fire as often happens when they riot, the fire will not be put out as the water is not available because there's no power to pump it. Just another aspect of dangerous prison life.

-- Laurane (, December 22, 1998.

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