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I bought a used 980 Horseman and would love to have a manual. I would be more than happy to pay for copy& mailing costs. Also-a75mm or 65mm for W/A? Shooting 6x7

-- George Nedleman (GNLN@THEGRID.NET), December 20, 1998


I don't have the manual you requested. However, some years ago I heard about a fellow, John Craig, who collects and sells old camera manuals. My records show he can be reached at 203-496-9791; his address: PO Box 1637, Torrington, CT 06790. If you don't receive a favorable response, you may wish to try Mr. Craig.

Good luck.

-- Irving Greines (, December 21, 1998.

I recently obtained a manual for my Horseman VHR directly from Horseman. I found their website and e-mailed them. It was only a photocopy but there was no charge.

-- Raymond Fenio (, December 21, 1998.

I also have a VH/VHR manual. If you want a copy, send me a private emmail; I'll make you a copy for the cost of xeroxing and postage. You should try contacting Horseman USA directly, however. There's a guy who answers emails (he answers from Tokyo I think) and he's very knowledgeable. He could probably dig up a copy of an old 980 manual.

-- Howard Slavitt (, December 23, 1998.

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