"Boston on y2k & Other Lovely Disasters"

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Has anyone read this ? I just got my copy from www.javelinpress.com I have read all of his other books, which are excellent. I have also read many of the current y2k books- I feel this author puts more practical & useful "right now" information than anything I have read. clcick on the site,and go thru the detailed Table of Contents, and the comments. How do some of you rate this?, as I want to buy the most meaningful book possible for family & friends...

-- smokey (mirror5@theglobe.com), December 20, 1998


I have two copies of the book. The book is very comprehensive but not exhaustive, I highly recommend that you all get a copy to have as a reference list of all the things that you need to consider in making preparations. At hotwire there is a list of the table of contents for you to peruse. You can get it cheaper from Jack than at Amazon.com.

Contact: Jack Striker Hotwire.com

-- Paul Milne (FEDINFO@HALIFAX.COM), December 20, 1998.

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