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I have a funny feeling you all may get fired up for this, but I'll anyway. Because I don't get around to the site too often, I missed all this with George. What happened? Please tell me the threads to go to so I can catch up. This sounds pretty interesting, I think.

-- cgk (cbroce@usit.net), December 20, 1998


Response to point me in the right direction...


All this talk is about an acquaintance of mine, George Haverstrom. He visited this site (on invitation) a bit back, and got into a bit of a tiff (heh) with some of the other people. Don't get me wrong, though - he's a really nice guy. He's just... different. You can find the threads about him (or for him, rather) under the "Relatives of Survivors" directory (although that's a pretty false title, as Astor didn't survive). That ought to help.


Tarrytown, NY

-- Niles M. Gregory (foo@bar.com), December 20, 1998.

The link to the relatives of survivors category.

Didn't the other Astor survive? (J.J. Astor's wife); perhaps "relations of survivors" would have been a better name for the category...

-- Thomas M. Terashima (titanicshack@yahoo.com), January 06, 1999.


I asked George about this. He is some sort of relative of Colonel John Jacob Astor, IV. He died on the Titanic. He's not related to Astor's wife, Madeleine, who survived, or John Jacob Astor, V, who Astor IV's wife was pregnant with on the Titanic. I think George explained his relation to the Astors. I guess "Relatives of Victims" would be better.


-- Niles M. Gregory (foo@bar.com), January 06, 1999.

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