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while not for everyone, I thought I'd mention that the following url contains an article specificly aimed at encouraging conservative Roman Catholic parishes to prepare for y2k.

Arlin Adams [who happens to be Anglican - the only denomination that's Protestant and Catholic at the same time!]

-- Arlin H. Adams (, December 19, 1998


Only if you're High Church

cr a Catholic Quaker

-- Chuck a night driver (, December 19, 1998.

I scanned the article. Good advice that, I suspect, most churches won't follow.

However, it seems that any church following the 15 suggestions will still be woefully unprepared to deal with hunger/shelter/etc. on a large scale.

-- Steve Hartsman (, December 20, 1998.

why Chuck, I never would have I'm an Evangelical Charismatic...high church gives me nosebleeds...

Steve, you're right, but I suspect the article is intended to leverage folks into getting started...and yeah it's late, but somebody's gotta do something...


-- Arlin H. Adams (, December 20, 1998.

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