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I ordered a wood heating stove from Lehman's about 2 1/2 months ago. The faxed order they apparently lost...I called it in, after 5 attempts to talk to a real person. The stove was to be sent to Wichita Falls, Texas to the closest Roadway Express terminal; instead they sent it to Wichita, Kansas. The Roadway person called from Wichita Kansas & said they had tried for 6 days to call Lehman's and could not get through; also no one had returned the voice mail messages they had left. I tried for several days, and several e-mail messages (all of which were not answered), to get in touch with Lehman's. FINALLY, about a week later a sympathetic operator kept on the line until a real person answered. I was assured that the stove would be sent to Wichita Falls, Texas from Wichita Kansas, and the extra freight charge would be paid by them...WRONG...The Roadway office called from Wichita Falls Texas and apparently they want to charge me for all the extra freight...which adds over $100 to the cost. I will never again order from Lehman's. I tried 4 times today to talk to a real person. The last call, the operator (Molly) said she would make sure I didn't get a recording.... WRONG...same old shit. I would advise that anyone order from LEhman's only as a last resort...There are other suppliers. Use the search engine at Lehman's will waste your time and run up your long distance phone bill.

-- carole brown (, December 19, 1998


I've never had a problem with Lehman's Hardware. Never. I think this is a function of a company making a *mistake*.

-- Jeffrey G. Bane (, December 19, 1998.

I also have never had a problem with an order from Lehmans. But they are very behind the power curve now as per article in the Wall Street Journal.


-- LM (, December 19, 1998.

I also never had a problem with them before now. Counting this order, I had previously spent several thousands of dollars at their store(catelogue). I'm going to refuse to pay the extra freight and dispute their credit card charge. I challenge anyone reading this to get through to their customer service. It is all recorded messages that they don't answer. The Roadway Express woman from Wichita Kansas said she had tried day after day to talk to someone....and that all her voice mail messages were NOT returned. I will never again do business with them.

-- carole brown (, December 19, 1998.

Sounds to me like they have more business than they can handle. Expect more to come. It's only going to get worse, unless they raise prices to reduce demand in the short run. Would that make everyone happy?

-- MVI (, December 19, 1998.

Sounds like quite a nightmare. We have been pleased with their service. I checked with my wife who states she is always able to get through to a person on the phone. I just hope we never have a similar experience. We also bought a woodstove but rather than have it delivered to a "dock", decided to drive there and pick it up (easier if you live in the area).

-- lparks (, December 19, 1998.

Re: Lehmans

I spoke with one of the sales people at Lehman's last week. They have peek call periods during most of the day now. According to her, their sales calls have increased exponentially. The best time to call is in the late afternoon 4:30pm on (ET). I had no problems getting to speak to a real person. I hope this helps.


-- Ex-Cop (, December 19, 1998.

Recommend you read the front page article about Lehman's in the 12/18 (Friday) Wall Street Journal. They're Mennonites and are apparently a bit taken aback at the volume of business that Y2K has brought. They have added all the staff they can without having to wopry about laying off after New Year's Evil and are just doing their best to deal with all the orders. Very interesting article.

-- Mac (, December 20, 1998.

Any time you do mail order, you are at the mercy of circumstances beyond the control of the firm you order with. I recently ordered a big box of stuff from a company that used a certain three letter delivery system and they delivered it 6 doors down. That is in no way shape or form the seller's fault...

One trick I've used successfully when I've gotten on the line with someone that I suspect can't make good the problem I'm having is to ask for the person who deals with extremely hostile people in a very angry tone of voice, then when I do get someone that can fix the problem, be polite, use a lot of good 'I' messages (yeah, I know, pop psychology b.s, but it does work), and explain exactly what the problem is and what I'd like done about it. Often you get the manager or customer service lead or supervisor, and starting at the top you have more of a chance to get something fixed.

-- Karen Cook (, December 20, 1998.

As stated in an earlier thread, Lehman's buys their goods from the Amish who have no intention of ramping up production to meet Y2K demand (they don't need the money). In fact, the Amish are pretty put off over the backorder situation. They don't like having to wait just because a bunch of English (a term they use for all of us non-Amish -- not just Sir Richard) decide to panic over a few electronic gizmos breaking down. They seem pretty entertained over some of the orders. Like the woman who purchased a flat iron then realized she needed a woodstove to heat it up with. Lehman's doesn't mind making the extra money that Y2K has brought, but not at the risk of losing their primary, long-term customers, the Amish. Don't be surprised if the customer service issues continue to mount as well as the backorder time.

-- David (, December 20, 1998.

Lehman's is just extremely busy. I ordered several Kerosene lanterns from them last June. These ended up being backordered for several months, but they did arrive. There are other sources for some of the things that Lehman's carries. I think Lehman's is honest, but terribly overworked just now. Awareness has simply overwhelmed a company the size of Lehman's.

-- Jeff (, December 20, 1998.

I have gotten through quite a few times(recently) on the phone. But I ususally call early am before I take off for the day. They have been very helpful...they even left me a voice mail concerning a message I had left once. They are very overworked right now. I have been there twice now and the place is swamped...but they keep smiling and helping everyone...sorry you had a bad experience, but don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

-- More Dinty Moore (Not @this, December 21, 1998.

I ordered some kerosene stuff from the following and had it delivered inside of two weeks.

The service was polite and they suggested that I should buy some extra wicks and other things I would have never thought of. Just thought you'd like to know.

-- Okum (, December 21, 1998.

I TAKE IT ALL BACK (or as Gilda used to say: "Nevvvver Mind") Pearl from Lehman's customer service called me this morning and got the freight problem straightened out...she was very nice and wished it had not happened. Then this afternoon, the REAL Mr. Lehman called and offerred to pay for my long distance calls and said they were just new people; etc. They were very nice and apologetic about the problems. So I TAKE IT ALL BACK!

-- c.j.brown (, December 21, 1998.

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