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Below is my answer to a post on another forum. Per B.C. from oval office a few minutes ago "I intend to spend the next two years doing America's work.". If raining bombs down on Irag is America's work then I am in the wrong country. I must be a kook because I think solving Y2K is America's work. The most dangerous man in the world IMHO is Bill Clinton. His control over our military needs to severed ASAP or else Y2K may be the least of concerns. Sorry about my ranting but I've couped up in the house all day.

Below is a post and my answer.

I don't think Y2K is any big deal. The only thing I can see is if the rioting classes go way overboard with any disruptions. However I do believe that I should be as prepared as possible for this.

That being said there are many things that could happen. I don't think they will, but.....

The biggest thing I see is our national debt. We owe 5 trillion dollars. The US economy could not stand interest rates that we saw during Jimmy Carter. Interest on debt is already the single biggest item on the budget. What would we do if that expense doubled? (Clinton has used a LOT of short term financing to take advantage of lower interest rates.)

Anyway I think if anything triggered interest rates to Jimmy Carter levels I think we are in mega-trouble.

That's what I'm worried about.


> I fully agree with you on the debt. There is also a banking crisis spreading worldwide. This is of course related to excessive debt. I know first hand of a FDIC supervisor who is going rural and stockpiling.

I disagree with you on Y2K. If it is not a big deal then why are programmers in the cities leaving their well paid jobs and moving to rural America. Many more will do so in 1999.

In doing Y2K repairs on a home office system I wrote over the last 10 years I made a fix to a program which caculates salesmen's weekly commisions. The next week all salesmen were receiving double commissions. Yes the fixes themselves have bugs. Many won't show their ugly heads until the year 2000. How severe Y2K is depends a lot on how many and where the bugs crop up in both fixed and unfixed software. If it is many and the where is in electric generation, water treatment and shipping then we are in very deep trouble.

The spider web explanation is probably the best. If a strand here and another there breaks the spider can repair the web or simply leave it slightly damaged. If too many strands break or those that break are critical strands then the spider's web collapses and can not be repaired.

-- Ed Stevens (ed@terraworld.net), December 19, 1998


Hi Ed

You know, a 5 is still pretty bad. If y2k is a "5" there will be a global depression. Our president, our congress and our medias facination with the most trivial crap will be our doom. Its fitting however that a nation who worships sex like the USA does is being judged by sexual issues.

Mister Presidents recent scandal is only a diversion. To cover up Mena gate, File gate, china gate, whitewater gate and probably Y2K gate. Get the VCR tape "Clintons rise to Power" and then tell after you have watched it that you dont suspect that this gentleman will invoke Y2K as another Wag the Dog.

Stupid Sheep, cant you think? The worlds falling down while you Sleep!!!!!! (not you of course:-)



Mena Gate?

China Gate?

File Gate?

Whitewater Gate?

What *are* these?

-- Leo (leo_champion@hotmail.com), December 20, 1998.


"Clintons rise to power", a video tape. Will explain.

Order at 1-800-771-2147 ext 85 or write to:

Bozeman American Trust 1627 W main Suite 313 Bozeman, MT 59715

Would love to discuss but noticed folks are complaining about "off topic" stuff. I think that Clinton is Y2K relavant.

I did not believe any of that Executive Order stuff until lately.

I now believe that Mister Clinton WOULD invoke EO's to save his neck. I really do believe this. Y2K or a collapse of world markets could set the stage. Americans, be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little lips what you say. ww


"Never ascribe to conspiracy that which is more simply explained by incompetence"

Who said that, anyway?

-- Lewis (aslanshow@yahoo.com), December 21, 1998.

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