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How to set ASA/DIN on Minox B?

  1. For film speed within ASA 400 TO ASA 25

    With the camera in closed position, turn the shutter speed dial to align the ASA/DIN pointer to the desired film speed; Pull open the Minox B all the way to disengage the ASA dial, then turn the SPEED DIAL to set at '100' (RED DOT ). Close the camera. Now the ASA number is set.

  2. For ASA >400

    For example using ASA 800 film. Instead index speed dial at 100, index it to 200, close the camera. The meter is now set for ASA 800

  3. For ASA <25

    For example if you are using Fuji Super HR rated at ASA 6. Set ASA dial to 25, full pull open camera, turn the dial to 25( slightly higer then '20'), close camera. The meter is sync for ASA 6

-- martin tai (, December 19, 1998


In some case you may not be able to turn the pointer on the exposure meter to the spot you want in one shot, you need to do the above procedure a second time

-- martin tai (, December 31, 1998.

How to Use Minox B Meter

After you have set the film speed, it is ready for use. Minox B meter has an exposure lock. When you press the small button on top of the meter, the meter needle swings to indicate the light intensity; as long as you hold the button down, the needle is free to swing; the moment you release the button the position of meter is locked at the last reading.

Turn the speed dial to align the triangular pointer /\ with the locked meter needle, you have set the shutter according to meter reading.

Note 1: When use the built in ND filter, the meter is automaticaly compenstated, so set shutter speed as before.

Note 2: When use the built in green filter, the meter is not automatically compenstated, you must use the dot '.' at left side of triangle /\ instead of /\ itself to set the shutter speed.

-- martin tai (, December 31, 1998.

TIP FOR NEW PLAYERS: Don't slam the camera shut after setting the shutter speed wheel, as the gears may not be entirely aligned. Shut the camera gently... the extra years you will be able to use the camera will be your reward.

-- Crashinoz (, January 06, 2001.

doesn't all that opening and closing to set the meter "waste" quite a few shots?

-- Anthony (, May 10, 2002.

Tony, yes, if there is film inside the B before you set the ASA; I usually change the ASA first before put in a new roll of film

-- martin tai (, May 11, 2002.

but this would need to be adjusted if you went outside, stood closer to your subject, et cetera, right? What happens to the photograph if this is not set properly? For example, say I went outside during the day, after it had been set inside, but didn't change the setting...

-- anthony (, May 11, 2002.

YOu don't need to re adjust the ASA, inside or outside

If for some backlight situation, you want long exposure, you can use the meter as a guide, and set the shutter to longer exposure

For example, if the meter indicate you need a shutter of 1/200 sec, but you think you want one stop more, all you have to do is set the shutter speed to 1/100 sec.

With the B, the shutter does not set itself, you have to turn the shutter speed dial to set speed ( by aligning the > indicator with meter needle )

-- martin tai (, May 11, 2002.

my meter needle moves whether the button is pressed or not. it sits all the way to the right indoors (even in a well lit room) and only moves when aimed at something bright like a light or window. That sounds fishy to me...

am I doing something wrong or is my meter broken? if it is broken, how can I "eyeball" the adjustments I need to make in lieu of a meter reading?

-- anthony (, May 15, 2002.

Selenium meter is not sensitive enough for indoors.

-- martin tai (, May 15, 2002.

okay, that's kinda what I figured... what about releasing the button not "locking" the needle? How do I guesstimate indoor shots (I'm using the ASA100 colour film from minox)? How long an exposure can I use without a tripod (clear shots)? The new flash adapters don't look like they interface with the B, so I have to figure out how to make due without...

-- anthony (, May 15, 2002.

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