Where can I find a Video CD/ CD-i Emulator?

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Does anybody know if there is an emulator availble for CD-i or VCD for the PC. I dont mean just an MPEG player but something to emulate the CD-I interface? ie show pics of the index points and play the proper intros. I can then throw my old phillips CD-i player away at last!!

-- Sean Fosberry (sean.fosberry@cwcom.net), December 19, 1998


Visit http://dana.ucc.nau.edu/~dbt/CDi/CDiMain.html for the only known CD-I emulator project in existence. Maybe if you send this guy some money he'll have an emulator for you by this summer. (Maybe)

-- Ben Smith (benjamin-smith@utulsa.edu), February 23, 1999.

i have a vcd player. the name is CD-wizard version 1.2 is very good player, my laptop is a pentium mmx 233 mhz and run vcd verygood, but in my PC doesnt run the vcd's , this hapenned when i installed Windows Me in my PC, it is a AMD k6-2 400MHZ and i don't know why this program doesn't work, i have to return to win98 to see the pictures.

-- Leon M (leonhigh@hotmail.com), February 15, 2001.

just play the stupid *.dat file with media player or any other player you want... or extract the file to mpg with isobuster...

-- Netsaver (ftp://dl:dl@netsaver.cjb.net:99), May 19, 2001.

or just change the file ext. to mpg, mpeg....(or the previous file type when you burned it.)

-- (sr1509392@hotmail.com), March 16, 2004.

CD-I emulators are now available within some VCD's which shows what ever menus or titles that are shown when the VCD is inserted into a convectional VCD Player. But, it is just another MPEG player using windows capabilities. What I always dream about is an independent VCD Player emulator which can boot by itself onto any PC's so that, PC's can be used as an advanced VCD Player. I am tired with the problem of handling Scratched CD's in PC's, which will finally end up in a system crash...

-- Nikhil Mathew (nikhilkerala@yahoo.com), May 14, 2004.

The link doesn't work.

-- Tim Voogt (timvoogt16@hotmail.com), May 23, 2004.

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