"NT 5.0 beta 2"--->RGI SCSI printer Does NOT work.

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In NT 5.0 they have ported over the device manager of 95/98. This is causing a problem, because in NT 4.0 you had to remove the Device scsiprnt.sys. If you remove this device in NT 5.0 the plug and play features of NT 5.0 re-loads the device driver. I tried to physically remove the driver out of the system, and the device manager reports a problem with this device that it is not working properly(missing files scsiprnt.sys), and it keeps an explanation mark of the driver. In postershop, the RGI printer will become Idle, as it sees the printer, however the RGI Printer FREEZES, And the server never starts up, and freezes Postershop to the point where you have to hard re-boot the computer. What will happen in NT 5.0??? Onyx will have to write a driver for the RGI Printer to print through the scsiprnt.sys driver, or there will be a problem. Unless anyone knows of a workaround. please let me know if there is a work around, as I am very interested in using 5.0, on a few of our RIP stations. Thanks in advance

-- Anonymous, December 18, 1998


NT 5.0? I think you mean Windows 2000 BETA. Shame on you for using an un-released, un-finished Operating System. I don't think the guys at Onyx have tested Postershop with NT 5.0 BETA. The Postershop readme clearly states that you shouldn't be using pre-release operating systems. You're just asking for trouble. Hell, I remember the second BETA of NT 4.0 had disabled COM ports.

Your workaround is to use NT 4.0 with Service Pack 4, which works fine for me, and we have three RGIs. There's nothing in the NT 5.0 (Windows 2000) spec I've seen that improves performance for Postershop stuff. By the time Windows 2000 RELEASE shows up, I'm sure there will be a version of Postershop that works with it. But the group up in Washington (Microsoft) have a way to go first with Windows.

-- Anonymous, January 02, 1999

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