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I have offers from a guy in Quebec that represents a bunch of farms that sell Echinacea and Valerian. Any idea of best way to move it? His last e-mail to me follows...



hello ,,,sorry for the delay

I was on vacation. here is some of the information you requested,are you in contact with any outlets for these products, the price that I have offered would leave a profit margin for the person with the right contacts. you could easyly add 5-10% for your commisions.

The largest market for herbal medicines using Echinacea And Valerian is Europe, where phytomedicine counter sales in 1996 were $US 2.4 billion, and 61% of this total was in Germany.

The volume of echinacea and valerian root traded is unknown, but traded values suggest that it is hundreds of thousands of tonnes annually. The prices depend on quality and degree of processing and are in the range 25$ to 600$/lbdepending on quality and processing, with a typical price around $40/lb... you can find ECH andVAL in Canda for 15$\10pills this indicates enormous profits since you can make an insane amount of pills with a pound.,even more in some parts of the states ,my price for the valerian would be around 19$\lb Particular attention is paid to the specific requirements of the individual market for which the product is destined. I also still have over 6000lbs of echinacea herb priced at 9$\lb,,,,next spring I will have Echinacea root (6000)lbs ,,,< a money maker

-- Anonymous, December 17, 1998


I use both products. I will buy one or two off of you. Will that make you rich?

-- Anonymous, December 18, 1998

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