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We have a nice vacation coming up and want to use some time to have a Y2k retreat. We want to do practical things to learn skills, plan, etc. Does anyone have ideas for things to put on the agenda? I can think of cooking on our wood stove, gathering recipes for rice, beans etc., turning off power. I want to try out some of the equipment to be familiar with it.

-- yea right (, December 17, 1998


After you get to your hideout take out your rifle and go to the woods march off 50 yards set up a target and zero in your scope once you are on target teach your wife how to shoot. Next get out the shotgun set up some old milk jugs check the pattern at different ranges next teach your wife to use it to. After you are finished eat some beanes and rice you will need all your strength get out your shovel and dig some graves about 100 feet away from your hideout you wont have to dig deep because all these starving people will be thin three or four will be good buy a few bags of lime to pour on them to control the smell use a length of rope so you do not touch all those germs when you move the carcas. Do not try this last part out until later because they may come looking for their uncle or brother then you will have to tell them you have not seen or heard a living sole all week long. Put up some razor wire around your hideout ware leather gloves that shit will cut the hell out of you i still have stiches. Dig some long ditches in places you think intruders will walk put some sharp sticks in the bottom and cover them up with sheets of cloth and sprinkle durt on the sheet to hide them dont forget where you put them because i had a hell of a time explaning to the doctor how that hole got through the bottom of my boot and my foot. Next on the list check and see how mutch coffee you brought if you did not bring enough to last one full year you will have ot practice staying awake most of the time because you dont know when the rats will come to take your toilet papper and rice. If you eat enough rice you will need all the pepper you brought. Now is a good time to check out the neighborhood. The may have all the things that you need..See how maney guns they have they may never heard of Y2K if not you can get the jump on them. Be careful they may have the same idea about you. Another thing to watch out for is the other nuts on this web they are dangerous dont turn your back or them they may be hungry. That remindes me i have not eat all day long where did you say you live? Have a nice vacation see you when you get back maybe.

-- Bubba (, December 17, 1998.

Well, we at least know that "Bubba" hasn't much of an IQ! He can't spell worth crap! Did your mommy not teach you that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Good grief, the guy was looking for some VALID advise and someone had to make a sick attempt at being funny. Sad, very sad indeed. Maybe we'll get lucky and "Bubba" will be one of the first to go, after all, he couldn't even remember where he buried his pongee sticks.

-- ? (, December 18, 1998.

Find somewhere rural. Small town. Get to know the people.

Ozarks might be nice in mid-America. Might even be a little snow on the ground.

Appalachians near the east coast.

Find a town you might want to live in post Y2K. Something basic, not too much technology with simple good people.

Visit the church on Sunday.

Glen Austin

-- Glen Austin (, December 18, 1998.

despite the kiddie's nonsense, if you have firearms, additional training is always a good thing....also getting accustomed to engaging targets at different distances is important - many hunters have real problems because the targets that the practice tend to be at fixed (and known distances). Given that you have access to an appropriate area try setting up a series of targets at different heights, and distances...try to include at least one or two uphill and downhill shots in your exercises as well.

Arlin Adams

-- Arlin H. Adams (, December 19, 1998.

I hesitate to say anything, because I don't wan to encourage this sort of thing, but....

This is one of the best troll-tricks I've ever seen. Too bad Gayla or Donna B or some other teachers are unlikeley to take the time to read both the question and response carefully. It is apparent to me that both the question and answer were composed by the same person. I think it's one of the funniest set-ups I've seen here so far.


"Not one shred of evidence exists to prove the idea that life is serious."

-- Hallyx (, December 19, 1998.

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