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I have an RCA 5200 DVD player and sometimes when I play my vcds, the audio & video get out of sync. Most of the time it is in sync. I am using the same VCDS also. Anyone ever have this problem? Thanks

-- Jack Moy (, December 17, 1998


The RCA DVD Players do not support Video CDs manual wise. Yes you can run Video CDs on it but since the machine was not designed to be backwards compatiable, you get some wierd glitches during playback. This is the same for Zenith, Toshiba, and Samsung. The machine must be stamped with a DVD/Video CD in order for Video CD Playback to be smooth. Note: this also happens with some PC-DVD decoder kits. So far as I know only Panasonic, JVC, Pioneer, and Sony stamp the Video CD label on thier DVDs.

-- Rutger Stevens (, January 28, 1999.

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