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I am considering a used 75mm super angulon lens synchro compur f5.6. Although I was ideally wanting a 72mm SA because of the larger image circle, i wonder if this lens would work alright. i have a sinar f1 with wide angle bellows and would like preserve all movements. I assume that this lens is an older one( because of the shutter). Thank you guys for all replies, previous and otherwise, I appreciate the forum, Chet

-- Chet Wright (chetwr@zianet.com), December 17, 1998


Chet, I suspect you'll be OK with the 75mm super Angulon which has plenty of coverage for 4X5. You can determine this lenses' age by consulting Schneider's page at schneideoptics.com. For the price difference between the 72mm XL and the 75mm, you'll be just fine. As long as the lense hasn't been abused it should perform well. Good luck. Jim

-- Jim Blecha (jblecha9@idt.net), December 19, 1998.

A 75 is my next lens to get. The coverage of a 72 would be too close to the 65 which I now have. One note of caution is the shutter you are getting with the lens. I had an old Compur a few years ago. It had no time setting & it did not have the "switch" to open & close the lens for viewing. To view through the lens it was necessary to trip the shutter with lens set on B & hold it open to view through the lens. What a pain. Good luck with the lens.

Also, as I have never used a 75, does it need a center filter? I always use one on my 65. Don't seem to need one much on my 90. I would like to see if it is necessary on a 75.

-- Guy (guymanderson@msn.com), December 20, 1998.

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