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A couple of questions for anyone with infomation on organisational contingency planning status - Pleas supply links if you can,

Re Timothy J Wilbur

Do you know of any vendors (Andersen, Comdisco, EDS, IBM etc.) offering specific Y2K contingency planning or emergency remediation (SWAT team) services for information systems? Are you aware of any technology products or commercial services that assist with Y2K contingency planning for information systems? Is anyone providing emergency alternatives if information systems crash?

-- Timothy J Wilbur (, December 17, 1998


I've found a few contingency plans out on the web. The MITRE site has a good work plan to develop the contingency plan. I am working contingency planning for a telecommunciations company and found that the GSA has a good plan in development. Take a look ( Hope this helps. Maria

-- Maria (, December 18, 1998.

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