2,000 Texans Get False Overdraft Notes In Y2K Test

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got this via email from a programmer friend who recently became a "GI"!


Thursday December 17 12:41 PM ET

2,000 Texans Get False Overdraft Notes In Y2K Test DALLAS (Reuters) - A Texas bank said Wednesday it had apologized to customers who were sent notices that their accounts were overdrawn after a millennium-bug test went wrong.

Bank One Texas generated over 2,000 phony overdraft notices, dated in the year 2000 or later, to see whether its computer systems could successfully recognize such dates.

The computer test went well, but instead of being put in the trash afterward, the notices were sent out, Bank One spokesman Joe Bowles said.

``We've had customers who got the letters call in, and we have apologized profusely,'' he said.

Bowles said the bank had assured customers their accounts had not been altered and it had taken steps to avoid similar incidents.

``We've spent millions of dollars to make sure the Y2K problem doesn't exist at Bank One, and it won't,'' Bowles said. ''Human error still exists, and we'll do our best to alleviate that.'' =====================================================================

This is the result of a "test". Imagine what would have happened if this were an actual "failure".

Mike ===================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (mtdesign3@aol.com), December 17, 1998


To All:

Mike has already apologized for duplicating an earlier posting.

Please add your responses to the earlier thread at 2,000 Texans get false overdraft notes in Y2K test.

-- No Spam Please (anon@ymous.com), December 17, 1998.

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