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Our schools might be able to help reach a broad audience with common Y2K concerns.

My question is, "What's going on in the schools that relates to Y2K?"

Students are our future. What do you see?

-- Critt Jarvis (, December 17, 1998


yes schools would be a good way to reach a broad audience of people.

when i first learned about y2k i thought my fellow college students would be very open minded to listen to some of the more pesimistic views concerning y2k. i was wrong.

everything you have heard about the young people of today is true. most college age kids are lazy, apathetic, lack cirtical thinking skills, and are somewhat dull. sad to say but true.

i have been in contact with a few college age kids in this country who are concerned about y2k but they have been few and far between.

check out my essay in the dc y2k wrp #116

and my website

it contains two of my essays and two by a computer science major from wake forest u.


-- matt vaughn (, April 27, 1999.

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