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boy, am i glad we can do this anonymously; otherwise i would probably be too embarrassed to say this.

i think this class is one of the major reasons i am glad i came to law school. my brother laughed at me when i told him that i want to go to law school to learn how to think. (he said, "i guess some of us just learn how to do that later than others.") despite what he says and how cheesy this sounds, i feel that law school, mostly in the form of this class, has actually been trying to teach me that. i am glad that law is more than the mechanical application of rules.

so, thanks--not only to prof. lessig but to everyone else in the class. (i have been really amazed by the people in this class because i could never have come up with some of the stuff that people have come up with.)

p.s. i don't know if what we say have any influence, but i would like to agree with everyone else who thinks that it'd be a big loss to hls if prof. lessig leaves.

-- Anonymous, December 16, 1998

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