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a few days ago, in burn-out mode, i was thinking that there is no point to what i am doing. i have busted ass all my life and didn't really see where those efforts were going. i thought that inertia had taken over, and the bartender at my local bar seemed to have his stuff together much more than i did. for sure he seemed happier and less distraught about what the future holds in store for him.

today after class, one of the things i realized is that there is one reason why i have been doing what i have for the last so many years. it is for moments like this, that make it all worthwile. it is one of the biggest satisfactions, worth whatever sacrifice, to be in the presence of someone who, in ten minutes, can give you so much, can make sense of so many things that were just beyond you and were bothering you under the weight of a huge question mark: "why?". it is those ten minutes and it's the whole semester. and it is not just the professor, though he is the prime mover, but the class alike. there is nothing better than being surrounded by people who can help you without even meaning to by just opening up a whole new way of thinking, one that you have run after, or strived for. today was one of those moments that, as an alum sixty years down the line, i will still recall with fondness. ten minutes made so much sense, and legitimized post hoc so many instances that were waiting to come into place.

so i think a thank you is owed both to professor lessig and to the class. this semester was in many ways a joint enterprise, and while we bitch about hls, there is something to being surrounded by a group of people who, though at times lethargic and overly concerned with exams & Co, always manage to surprise you with a sparkling thought, something that seems within reach and yet you could not have gotten on your own.

professor, what you do is more than just another job, and i believe you are fully aware of that. with your abilities you could be doing virtually anything, other than perhaps playing football, and i am sure you get satisfaction from what you do. at the same time, if it is important for you to know that people appreciate what you do, and realize that what is going on is more than spewing theories at us, well, this board has demonstrated to you how grateful we all are.

if you don't come back, it will mean that another group of students will get to take advantage of your teaching. perhaps they deserve it more, and surely they will make the most of it. but there's got to be some reason that could compel you to come back here, and you are probably better at figuring that out than any of us. so "justify the power(of coming back) through reason," and we'll see you next year.

you sure gave us more than you had to. best wishes in all your endeavors.

-- Anonymous, December 16, 1998

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