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Dear Prof. Lessig,

I write to add my voice to the growing chorus of classmates who wish thank you for a wonderful semester and implore you to stay here at HLS. You are an amazing teacher, and it frustrates me deeply to think that the faculty could be losing someone so talented as yourself.

I'm especially troubled because your class was unlike any other we had this semester. None of our other professors, wonderful as they were, so consistently pushed us to probe the theoretical aspects of the law. And no other professor seemed to place such a high premium on intellectual inquiry for its own sake. I can not tell you how many times this semester I heard people say in response to a question: "Don't worry, you won't have to know that for the test." I never once heard that said in this class.

Not every class can, or should, be taught the way you did contracts. I suspect that my brain would have exploded around Thanksgiving had all of my classes been this challenging. However, if there is a shortcoming in the 1L curriculum, it is that there are not more classes like this one. And it saddens me to think that other 1L's in years to come may not have the same wonderfully thought-provoking introduction to legal reasoning as I have had here in this class.

I pray that the rumors are untrue. Even if they are, however, I thank you for a truly amazing semester.


-- Anonymous, December 16, 1998

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