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Let's see...this so-called intelligent discussion has degraded so severely as to become ludicrous...those who are just now starting to get into this subject, who would obviously come into this subject in all earnest, see you idiots talking about eating other people's flesh...."but it's all a joke". How are newbies supposed to be in on an inside joke instantly? When said joke is a sick buncha cowpoop by anyone's estimation to begin with??

Yep, those of you who would do such things. and sluff it off to 'just a joke'.....yep, it's a joke.

There is a higher standard. It's called common sense.

-- Johh Howard (Greenville, NC) (, December 16, 1998


What in the hell are u talkin about Johh?

-- Dieter (, December 16, 1998.

John: I have a suggestion for the all the newbies that find their way here. They need to go to the bottom of the threads and start with the old stuff first then graduate up to the latest stuff. There's a lot worse BB's than this one when it comes to slinging crap. Some will get bored and move on, some of us stick around (I keep asking myself why), and some may just visit here and decide that this isn't for them. But there's a lot of good stuff on this forum if someone wants to put in the time and effort to research themselves.

-- Bardou (, December 16, 1998.

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