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Just check it out. -- Diane

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From: ERRI EMERGENCY SERVICES REPORT-EmergencyNet NEWS Service-Thursday, December 10, 1998 - Vol. 2 - 344



By Paul Anderson, ERRI Analyst

WASHINGTON (EmergencyNet News) - The National Association of Counties said on Tuesday that about 50 percent of the United States' counties have no strategic plans to tackle millennium bug computer problems that could snarl everything from ambulances to railroad signal lights to drinking water supplies. Thegroup, which represents the nation's 3,069 counties, said only about half of the 500 counties it surveyed in November are ready for potentially disastrous computer snafus on 1 January 2000...

-- Diane J. Squire (, December 15, 1998


See also the previous thread:
911 Won't Be Responding K8

The emergency folks can't respond to emergencies, and can't even imagine emergencies that can't activate their response ...

What we need is a graphic, internationally televised 3-hour Y2K Prep documentary put together by Hollywood + the DOD. First half would be the most terrifying disaster blitz Hollywood's ever come up with; second half; demos of how/what to prepare. This should be the only thing playing at every theatre and every station and every channel for a whole week, say, the third week in January 1999.

Maybe then we'd stand a chance ...
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-- Leska (, December 15, 1998.

Leska, Awareness grows.

Just got this e-mail from one of my local newsmedia investigative journalists...

"Diane, I have written some about y2k including a lengthy article about the state of the electric utilities in California. I am getting ready to write some more as we enter 1999. Do you have any knowlege of local community preparedness groups? Do you want to give me your own input? Thanks"

Okay, the Y2K dial is moving to the preparedness stage. Finally!


Suggestions Yourdonites?

-- Diane J. Squire (, December 15, 1998.


Going through my list of trusty links, I found these four community preparedness sites:

Beaver Co. PA Preparedness...

Los Angeles Y2K Home Page...

Napa Valley Y2K Page...

Rogue Valley, Oregon (Medford/Grants Pass) Y2K Task Force...

-- Kevin (, December 16, 1998.

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